Ángeles Anaya García- Tapetado

IES Consaburum- Consuegra (Toledo)- Spain

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Have you ever wondered how the history of Europe does sound?

With this question, we tried to awake the curiosity among the students and the whole of the educational community at the IES Consaburum science fair “Zienziaburum”. The event lasted the whole day (10 non-stop live YouTube transmission). There were invited several schools from Spain and beyond (Turkey, Mexico, etc).

We’ve created a PBL workshop for 2nd grade of secondary education students, to be presented in our annual online science fair opened for the whole community.

We also seized the opportunity to promote Scientix and the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign. The activity covered the contents of Music and Technology, and also it was included in our Erasmus+ KA229 project schedule.

In this workshop, the students designed the hologram pyramid and selected the most relevant composers of each country involved in the Erasmus+ and eTwinning project. The idea was to enhance emotions with the music accompanied by the images projected in the hologram pyramid.

The students tried the activity in the classroom and then started to film the online workshop for the spreading in the science fair.

For the activity it is needed just rigid plastic or acetate, tape, scissors, pen and paper, for the pyramid. They also downloaded free smartphone apps to visualize the holograms inside the hand- made pyramid.

It was a motivating for the students way to put the contents of Music and Technology together in its real context. At the same time, the students had the opportunity to show the results to the rest of the educational community thanks to the science fair.

The visitors could watch, and almost touch, the European music thanks to the technology. Enjoy the music and live your life surrounded by science!  

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