As part of the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign, events were held using six resources in the Scientix Resource Repository. The events were held between 15 February – 24 March 2021 at Konya Ereğli Science and Art Center with 30 students between the ages of 8-10. As all over the world, schools in Turkey have switched to distance education after February 2020 as part of the fight against the covid19 pandemic. On March 8, 2021, face-to-face training started. That’s why we’ve done some of our activities remotely and some of them face-to-face. Distance education activities were carried out through the TEAMS account defined by our school for teachers and students. Our face-to-face activities were held in our classroom.


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Description of Activities

Event1: The Dancing Doll

Scientix Source Used Here

In this event, a multidisciplinary approach was used to introduce STEM concepts and competencies in different subject areas at the same time, including mathematics, measurement, power, mechanics, numbers, creativity, transfer of comprehension.

A doll figure was used in the resource. Instead, it was stated that we could use any figure. We used the Whirling Dervish figure for this.

At this event;

  • Understanding the principle of operation of simple machines
  • Moving the whirling dervish as a result of the transfer of energy and energy from the manual rotation of a lever to learn about physics and mechanisms, especially mechanics.
  • Developing analysis and civil engineering competencies and learning mathematical concepts in this area.
  • To know Mevlana’s thoughts on tolerance.
  • We aimed to develop problem-solving and creativity skills.

The Whirling Dervish Wheel, which turned first, was shown to the students. And he was asked why he was acting. Student opinions have been received on this subject. Then, very simple information was given about the friction drive. The students then began to discover examples of this movement. (circus, etc.) Then they started the construction of the whirling dervish wheel.

Necessary parts and tools

Cardboard, skewer, straw, whirling dervish painting, Mevlana painting, cardboard, blue cap, silicone gun. (recycling materials were used as much as possible)

Whirling Dervish Wheel, Event Images

Activity2: Acids, Bases, Salts

Scientix Resource Used Here

The activities in the resources used have been adapted to distance education. And in this activity, our students are provided with the following opportunities to improve their inquiry skills:

  • Developing hypotheses
  • Create consistent arguments
  • Presenting evidence through scientific literacy and scientific reasoning
  • Formative evaluation

The activity focused on the following gains:

  • To know the properties of acid and basic substances and to observe the color change caused by these substances.
  • To distinguish whether the fluids he uses in his daily life are acid or base.

Materials used in the event; Red Cabbage, Drying Paper, Pan, Strainer, Vinegar, Carbonate, Water, Teaspoon, 3 Cups of Water. Unlike the source used, PheT ” Acid and Base Solutions” simulation is integrated into the activities. Here’s the Simulation

Acids, Bases, Salts Activity Images

Event3:Lemon Battery

Scientix Resource Used Here

This event took place during the distance education process. And in this event;

  • Researching the history of the battery; working principle; To explain basic electrical concepts such as voltage, current, and resistance
  • Electricity generation from food was emphasized.

Tools Used: Half a meter thick copper wire, three lemons or potatoes, 6 nails, one LED, half meter ring wire, paper

Lemon Battery Activity Images

Event4: Desing and Build Your Own Electric Toy Car

Scientix Resource Used Here

In this task, students were asked to solve a problem by developing and improving technology. They were asked to design and build their own electric toy car. Students produced creative solutions to challenging problems and worked as engineers. At the end of the event, they presented their products to their friends.

Materials used in this event; 2 plastic pet bottles, 4 plastic caps (for wheel), 2 thin wooden sticks, 2 thick straws, DC motor 9 volt battery, silicone gun

Design and Build Your Own Electric Toy Car Activity Images

Event 5: Catapult

Scientix Resource Used Here

This event took place after face-to-face training began. During the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign, I participated in, AutoSTEM, Science Projects Online Workshop. (SPOW3: The Catapult, 6- 8 years). We worked between the 2nd and 3rd meeting of the workshop (16-23 March 2021).

SPOW3 Images
SPOW3 Certificate

Catapults are motivating and exciting toys for children. At this event;

  • Including counting, aggregation, table usage, measurement.simple statistics
  • Learn physics and mechanisms
  • Developing analysis and civil engineering competencies
  • Skills such as problem solving and creativity were supported.

Activities at the resource were implemented sequentially. Also added “Bullet Motion Simulation” in Phet Simulation. Here’s Simulation

Catapult Activity Images
Bullet Motion Simulation

Activity6: Line Tracker

Scientix Source Used Here

At this event;

  • To teach programming mBot on mBlock,
  • Understanding how to use sensors with MBot
  • To gain problem-solving skills,
  • To show how fun coding can be,
  • We aimed to enable them to develop the digital skills they need.

Essential Materials; computer, mBot, mBlock 3 program, USB cable, Line-following path.

First of all, we connected it to our computer via the Mbot USB port we used. Then we wrote the codes with the mBlock program. Then we loaded it on the robot. According to this program, our robot followed the route created with black tape to the work area thanks to line sensors. This activity enabled students to learn. They saw the changes instantly. This encouraged them and made them eager to learn.

Line Tracker Activity Images

The activities awakened students’ scientific curiosity and desire to learn and paved the way for new ideas. Critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills have improved. It provided an opportunity to understand the physical events that defined the operation of some devices and encourage them to develop and know in the context of the curriculum. Their ability to use digital tools has increased. The families followed the events with interest. Parents were delighted that the students followed the activities with great interest. They have always supported our activities. They provided the necessary materials.

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Şerife Takmaz

School: Konya Ereğli Science and Art Center

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