STEM Discovery Week 2021 in Duzce

Ayşe Arslan ( Science Teacher)

This activity includes the stem activities that students carry out for 1 month at Duzce Science and Art Center. These activities are aimed at raising awareness about the environment & energy and also promoting sustainability from February 2021 to April 2021.

First Activity: Rain Storage and Greenhouse

We moved to our new school and wanted to make our own greenhouse in our new school. Our first week’s event was a greenhouse design. With this greenhouse, we designed how we could build our own rain storage and the students tried to understand how the rain storage system works. They have learned to make a list of materials required for this design and calculate the cost.

Second Activity: Seed Planting Machine

I asked them to design a seed planting machine for planting work in the garden of our new greenhouse. For this purpose, a system that can lay seeds at 5 cm intervals was designed by creating a vehicle system with cardboard, bottle caps, cardboard box, straw, and tape.

Third Activity: Drip Irrigation System

The system, which is designed by taking advantage of the open-air pressure, is designed to be done with plastic bottles and little hoses. In this design, a system was created with tiny valves and rods holding the bottle upright.

Fourth Activity: Wind Turbine for Greenhouse

In this event, we aimed to create a wind turbine for the greenhouse. Turbines that can work with propellers have been designed to observe the conversion of motion energy into electrical energy.
Now we are waiting for the schools to open …

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