Zienziaburum 2021: III Science and Health Fair (Science at home edition)

By Ana Belén Yuste Martínez

On April 24th Zienziaburum 2021 took place. It was a 10 hours live streaming event consisting of workshops on different topics (physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, technology, etc.). In these workshops the students carried out an experiment (practice, workshop…) with everyday materials, and they explained the importance of the phenomenon or knowledge that they had put into practice. Students from kindergarten to university participated in it.

All the activities were broadcasted through the IES Consaburum YouTube channel and the videos remained available so that they can be watched at any other time. Here you have the two links to the Science and Health Fair:

In addition, in this presentation you can find the individual link to all the activities developed, creating thus a link with educational resources:

As part of the event, there were special interventions such as university researchers, primary care physicians, teachers from Turkey, Mexico and Peru, an ambassador of the European Climate Pact and the winner of the 27th edition of the Space Settlements Contest of the National Space Society 2021 organized by NASA and National Space Society.

The pedagogical value of the activity lies in the fact that it has managed to:

  • Dynamize the teaching of science, incorporating active methodologies and in which research has great relevance.
  • Share experiences related to STEM with other schools.
  • Bringing science closer to rural areas, promoting its dissemination and social communication.
  • Encourage cooperative work, co-education and the development of 4C’s, all working towards a common goal and from all areas of knowledge.
  • Contribute to the development of scientific vocations through an active and practical approach to STEM teaching and contact with active researchers.

Zienziaburum 2021, which has more than 2000 views, has been recognized as an example of good practices in the field of scientific dissemination by the general director of Universities, Research and Innovation of Castilla La Mancha, who participated in the opening of this Science and Health Fair.

From here we encourage other educators to organize events of this type in their schools, because a space is created in which other ways of teaching are known, they exchange ideas and learn from others. In addition, you only need a couple of webcams, two microphones, a computer, an internet connection and the free OBS program, which is very easy to use.

“A scientist is happy, not in resting on his attainments but in the steady acquisition of fresh knowledge”. Max Planck