In our project, we aimed to draw attention to environmental problems and increase our sensitivity to the environment with simple solutions as widely as possible, starting from our immediate environment. Based on the rapid increase in population and excessive consumption of disposable plastic products and the resulting wastes causing many environmental and health problems, we implemented environmentally friendly solutions with our project group. We pointed out that we will have a cleaner environment by reducing waste by minimizing the consumption of disposable products.

Why do environmental issues matter?

First of all, we investigated what environmental problems human activities cause in the environment we live in and raised our awareness about this issue. We realized how important our environment is for our health. We realized that the wastes we dispose of come into our bodies by mixing with the soil and water, with the vegetables and fruits we eat, or with the sea creatures that we consume as food. As a result of the huge increase in plastic waste, we realized that some of the nutrients we consume have microplastics, and we have developed ourselves to research and implement solutions to reduce waste and to become more environmentally conscious

To recognize the environmental problems caused by waste. Identify creative solutions to create less waste. To determine what we consume more than we need. Trying to minimize consumption. To draw attention to the excess waste caused by the consumption of disposable products and to reduce their consumption.

Study process

We have investigated the wastes in our immediate environment and on Earth. Paper, plastic, batteries, chemical waste. we found that products such as glass products and wet wipe straw plastic water bottles and plastic bags caused a lot of waste. First of all, we tried to answer the question of what we can do to consume these products in the least way. When our belongings failed, we chose to fix it or evaluate it in a different area instead of buying a new one. Instead of constantly consuming batteries, we started using rechargeable batteries. Instead of buying plastic bags all the time, we started carrying cloth bags on the way to shopping. Instead of buying water in a plastic bottle, we acquired our own glass bottle and reduced the intake of water in the plastic bottle. We stopped buying plastic straws. We investigated that wet wipes contain polyurethane and found that these substances remained waste in nature for too long. Instead of wet wipes, we started carrying eco-friendly cotton and cologne or alcohol with no polyurethane content. We stopped using new paper or new notebooks without using all the notebooks or papers. We pointed out that the use of washable plate cups and fork spoons instead of using disposable products at the picnic will reduce waste.




Received 20 June 2017; Received in revised form 10 August 2018; Accepted 19 December 2018

Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi, Kimya-Metalürji Fakültesi, Gıda Mühendisliği Bölümü, İstanbul, Türkiye (ORCID: 0000-0002-7313-0207),