The Aerospace in Class project is about testing the STEM resources of Airbus Foundation Discovery Space (AFDS), a digital portal for aerospace exploration. This portal acted as the beginning of what will be A GREAT PROJECT that we will incorporate into the activities and actions map of the STEM Discovery campaign.

Aerospace in class project

How did we start?

  • We immersed ourselves in the training of EUROPEAN SCHOOLNET ACADEMY.
  • We made the AEROESPACIAL EN CLASS training coincide with our Health and well-being project.
  • We already had it prepared. You only need the packaging and the Perseverance arrived.
  • WE WILL BUILD OUR OWN SPACE MISSION. Before travelling to distant planets, humans have to better understand Space and how to survive in it. We asked ourselves: How can we cope with extreme temperatures, lack of air, and meteorites? We realised we can find it out by creating a lunar community. We will design our own rocket, our moon base and a rover to move us.
  • We learned from the Airbus Foundation videos, we designed our 3D prototypes with Tinkercad and finally, we built our lunar rover with Lego WeDo 2.0 and showed our progress.