Coding to save the Planet – 2nd edition

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In 2015 some Countries all over the World adopted the so-called Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development within 17 Goals. We can help by joining and supporting the Campaign because we want to produce a real change. We can do it by implementing coding and STEM education at schools, integrating them in the subjects and in real-world problems. After last year experience, we promote the second edition of a new interactive project to find solutions and fight poverty and inequalities. We will face new challenges, to tackle climate change and protect our Planet, while ensuring that no one is left behind. Coding strategies and STEM methodologies will be the guiding light to the action. Our aim is to improve computational and critical thinking through real-life tasks and sustainable targets. Moreover, we want to focus on the responsibility of active citizenship and the role of new generations for a better future.

Here are the parts of interview with my students about our project:

What is the sustainable development?
It is the economic development that meets the environment protection and the needs of future generations.
Sustainable development goals
What do scientists think?
They think that we are living far beyond our means, as if we have an Earth and a half at our disposal, but our Planet is just one and we don't have another in reserve.
Pixel art
What can we do?
We have to change direction, correct the mistakes and look at the world with different eyes. The sustainable goals of the 2030 Agenda push us to do so and the school helps us to reflect.
Project activities
What are we doing?
Our project called Coding to save the Planet –second edition involves many classes of our School to deal with topics for good. Activities have been organized in different subjects with new technologies.
Using online tools
What is digital education for?
It helps us to actively participate, to collaborate, to find solutions together. This improves our skills and allows us to better understand the world around us.
eTwinning game
How do we document our work?
On the eTwinning platform we share our experiences with other students from all the European schools. Thus we can enhance cultural diversity and become global citizens.
Everyone likes the project
How can we do it?
We use coding STEAM and programming to enrich teaching and face important issues in a creative and funny way. We create storytelling and online games to call everyone to action and participation. We use augmented reality and artificial intelligence to protect the Earth and the creatures that inhabit it.
The objectives of the Agenda are based on the five Ps: People, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership, Planet.
We have added another P: Programming, to plan our future and improve our lives. We have to work all together on common goals and we can't waste time. We have to do it ... now!

Here is our Video!

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Stefania Altieri is an italian teacher, Scientix Ambassador and moderator of Coding@schools eTwinning group. She loves ICT and digital education. She believes in the teacher role in training new generations for a better and responsible future.

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