Listen to the Sound of Water

Age range: 5-6

Date: April 2021

Summary:  Climate change is one of the biggest problems of our day and continues globally. It has negative effects on human life, nature, living things and the economy. It also affects water resources. Our goal is to reuse the water resources that decrease with the change of climate.


1. To draw attention to the importance of water

2. Evaluating rainwater

3. To raise the awareness of students about water saving

4. Utilization of waste water

Activity 1: Videos on climate change and the importance of water as a result of global warming were watched. He chatted with the children. “How do we protect our water?” Questions were asked and we aimed to find a solution to our problem with answers.

A selection of pictures is the authors’ own – (attribution CC-BY)

Activity 2: A Fishbone is drawn on the board before designing. Children’s ideas about the design are taken. Ideas are written on each line of Fishbone. Children are given a pen and paper. They are guided to design for rainwater harvesting.

Activity 3: We went out to the garden with the children. We investigated where we can collect water in rainwater. We used the following methods when collecting rainwater: We put buckets under roofs. We placed bins at the ends of the drain pipes. “What can we do with rainwater?” Answers to the question are sought. Children; watering flowers, animals feeding, toilet bowls.

A selection of pictures is the authors’ own – (attribution CC-BY)

Activity 4: The teacher brings the accumulated rainwater to the classroom. The teacher said to the children, “We said we would water flowers with rainwater, how do you think he can do it? asks a question.

Empty water bottles
Serum Cables
Rain water

A selection of pictures is the authors’ own – (attribution CC-BY)

Activity Preparation: The materials are placed on the tables. Children are divided into groups. Each group makes its design. One of the group designs by connecting the rainwater and the flower with the serum and syringe bottle. One of the group ties sponges to the coat hanger and collects rainwater and drips the tree and flowers in this way.

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