We are increasingly aware of environmental problems and their impact on our societies and on everyday life. However, simple solutions like nature-based solutions (NBS) remain largely unexplored in education.

About our project

Our project arises from the need to try to make the students “feel” as they learn on their own, so we connect the learning process with problems that surround us and concern us. We will work on various subjects through project-based learning and encouraging students to work cooperatively. We will rely on practical activities and resources at our fingertips.

This presentation is the summary of a project that we carried out to celebrate World Environmental Education Day. With this presentation we intend to show the interdisciplinary work performed during one week, in which learnt languages, mathematics, science, robotics, programming, augmented reality. It boosted a lot of creativity. In addition, we have enjoyed our wonderful environment that allowed us to carry out activities in the fresh air.

Why environmental education is important?

We have been working on environmental education for several years. It is a necessary to put efforts to grant the future for the Earth and its inhabitants. Our goal is to promote respect for nature, responsible consumption, the rational use of resources and recycling, for this we strive every day to empower students to transmit the message further at their home.

“The Round Week of Environmental Education”

For World Environmental Education Day, we have prepared awareness activities, including an outing, a programming and a robotics activity in our class. From Naturaliza we were asked to carry out “The Round Week of Environmental Education” in the style of 12 months 12 causes and it seemed like a great idea.

Short summary of the activities included in the programme

In addition to motivating other school colleagues to join this initiative, during this week we also incorporated an environmental point of view into class activities and undertook 5 actions that promote awareness and respect for the environment. I think it is a round plan for a round week in which we will work with the students in the classroom, who will pass the message to their families and to the world.


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