Movement and Nutrition (Physical Education and STE(A)M)

Our lesson is Physical Education, healthy nutrition. According to the data of the World Health Organization, being inactive causes 3 million deaths every year. The data shows that the active exercise rate is around 20-25%. So we need more exercise. So, we still have a chance to return those who are underweight to being obese, exercise is as important as food choices here, so it’s time to act!
Taking action, spending energy is important and necessary for our body. Just like a vehicle, a motor vehicle needs fuel to move. The fuel it receives moves the vehicle. But fuel is used according to the vehicle’s characteristics. It is like this in our body. Oils, carbohydrates, proteins are our fuels. But for these fuels to be burned, motion is needed

Answer the following questions

  1. What does what you see in the picture tell you?
  2. What do you think of the pictures you see?
  3. How do your two paintings appear in your life?
  4. What do you wonder about these 2 paintings?
  5. What could these pictures be used to tell you?
  6. Can you describe our daily life with these pictures?


Physical activity; It can be defined as activities that occur with energy consumption by using muscles and joints in daily life, increase heart and respiratory rate and result in fatigue of different intensities.

Exercise is considered to be a subclass of physical activity. Planned structured, voluntary,
continuous, aimed at improving one or more elements of physical fitness
are activities.
Sport; Beneficial to physical development, made by following certain rules and techniques,
The common name of all body movements that aim to have fun and race.

In order to fight effectively with obesity, which is increasingly prevalent in the world and in our country, affecting every segment of the society, and to reduce the prevalence of diseases caused by obesity and insufficient physical activity (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, musculoskeletal diseases, etc.) Many international organizations, notably the World Health Organization, are pioneering by developing various programs on changing eating habits and adopting an active lifestyle all over the world.

Alp and Emre are two close friends. There are activities that they do together at school, outside of school. Alp loves computer games and fast food. Alp’s mother and father are working with an intense pace of work. Alp has a structure that does not like to move much. When his friends call him for the game. He prefers to watch rather than join the game. He has the most weight among his friends. He gets tired very quickly.
Emre’s family arranged some activities for him to devote some of his time out of school to social activities. Working with the theater group, Emre also attends the Sports Courses of the Metropolitan Municipality with a group of friends. He participates in these activities 3 days a week, and on other days he plays games with his family and friends on the street.
The Physical Education teacher makes warnings to help Alp about nutrition and movement during his studies in the lesson. Emre comes to school with a lunchbox from home, and Alp prefers fast food from the canteen.

Beden Eğitimi öğretmeni, egzersizin önemi ile ilgili bir çalışma yapmak için tüm sınıfa bir çalışma yapar. Bu çalışma sadece Beden Eğitimi dersi ile sınırlı olmayıp, okul dışında devam etmek için bir çalışma olması gerektiğini belirtmektedir.

Alp has never paid attention to his food and drink before. It almost has a poor motivation to act. This work a little bit upset. Emre realizes that his friend needs motivational support for exercise and nutrition. Moreover, in the classroom; Alp is not only in this situation, but there are a few other friends like him.

My dear student;
You read the story. It is time to design for the problem given below.

Science Based Life Problem in the Story:
Nutrition is in the basic needs of the living thing. However, for the body mass index, it is also necessary to burn the energy taken. When this balance is achieved, BMI (Body Mass Index) can be kept at the desired level. Realizing that they do not have sufficient knowledge about nutrition and exercise in our story, the Physical Education teacher wants to implement this study that his students will be involved in. It should be a study that can be applied by everyone.

Your mission:
To design a study in which Nutrition and Exercise will go together. Remember, the World Health Organization recommends 60 minutes of active exercise per day for your age group.


  1. Before starting this task, you should do more research on physical activity and activity intensity on the Internet.
  2. This research provides insight into research on the positive contribution of movement to physical health.
  3. The information you will gain should be measurable and concrete.
  4. As a result of your research, you should consider how to create and develop your own personal activity plan.
  5. You should make a diary for your exercises.



Desired Project: Preparation of a Physical Activity Diary
The Relationship Between Evidence and Desired Draft: With pictures and definitions given as evidence Linking the positive effects of physical activity The Science Dimension of Design: Biological movement need and caloric balance of the human body.
The Technology Dimension of the Design: Creating a table with excel for the physical activity diary and recording daily activities with alternative programs, (It is recommended to make short films with kizoa or campwing by making small videos of exercises performed as an alternative.)
Engineering Aspect of Design: Designing new tools that can be used while exercising. What other alternative exercise tool can you design?
The Mathematical Aspect of Design: Measurements. Measuring tools are different and measure different values. It calculates. How many kilometers of road travel with physical activity and how many calories are consumed during this time. Calculates Body Mass Index. Weight (kg) / Height (m) 2 = Body Mass Index

What Could Be Evidence?
a. Image (Visual) Resources: Obesity, about unhealthy diet, photographs, films, videos, fine arts. Related photographs, films, videos, fine arts showing the benefits of Physical Activity.
b. Audio Resources: Interviews with your friends. (Records before and after Physical Activity week. Comparisons)
c. Statistics Resources: Statistics of the world and our country, obesity, malnutrition and inactivity-related diseases, people who do physical exercise
to. Text Sources: Healthy eating recipes, cookbooks, nutrition and activity diaries prepared by students

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  1. Very interesting and an important activity for all age groups. During this period when children are involved in many learning activities, they no longer have time for sports and therefore many health problems occur. Congratulation

  2. Today, obesity affects both children and the whole society. Exercise and movement are very important in the fight against obesity.

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