“I Have Health in My Basket” in remote schooling settings – The visuals belong to the Author – Attribution CC-BY

About our activity

Participants: 14 teachers, 105 students and volunteer parents took part in our study. Human health is very valuable for sustainable living.

Topic: Proper nutrition is very important. We decided what to do with a meeting with our partners. Collaborate with students, teachers and families.

Activities: What should be eaten in a balanced breakfast was researched. Accordingly, each partner prepared, photographed and introduced a healthy breakfast in their region. We investigated the effects of this on our body. We saw the different effects of different breakfasts in each region.

Method: in this work, photographing, videotaping, and extensive research were used.

Outcome: Partners learned how to prepare healthy and balanced foods and what their benefits will be when they are consumed. They saw the direct control of proper nutrition over our lives.

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