MY WATER OF LIFE / The Impact of Global Climate Change on Water Resources

“MY WATER OF LIFE” is an eTwinning project. In our international eTwinning project, there are 5 countries,16 partner members and 145 student including Albania, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

The Importance of the Project

Water, our source of life on earth, is rapidly becoming polluted due to consumption habits in the modern world. Global warming and climate change are dragging the world into an uncertain future, threatening even water-rich countries. Water literacy is therefore extremely important for the conservation of water, which is a vital resource for life. With this project, our students will learn by observing the behavior of water in their daily lives, how it is polluted and how it should be protected. With water awareness, our students will also contribute to the protection of the ecological system.

Project Objectives

With this project, it is aimed that students become water literate by creating water awareness against the increasing water pollution in the world. In addition, it is aimed to use, one of the most important sources in the world and irresponsibly used, water more carefully and economically among our students, their parents and teachers. Also, it is aimed to improve foreign language skills of students and use technologies such as computers and mobile phones safely with web 2.0 tools.

The Impact of Global Climate Change on Water Resources Mixed School Teams Group Work

1.TEAM: The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources

 Mentor Teachers:  Fatma Kılıç and Ángeles De Santiago Orozco

2.TEAM:The Impact of Reduction of Water Resources on Human Health

Mentor Teachers: Cristina Mato  and Gonca Bahar

3.TEAM:The Effects of Drought Increase on Plant Diversity and Forests

Mentor Teachers: Maria Leonor Neves Alves and Nazan Yılmazer

4.TEAM: The Impact of Reduction of Water Resources on Livestock and Wildlife

Mentor Teachers: María Azor Mirón and Fatma Akgül

5.TEAM:The Impact of Reduction of Water Resources on the Agriculture Sector

Mentor Teachers: Anjeza Çerri  and  İmmihanSezen Aydoğdu 

6.TEAM:Decline of Water Resources and Economy

Mentor Teachers: Alice Severi and Dilek Bekoğlu Yılmaz

7.TEAM: Reduction of Water Resources and Tourism

Mentor Teachers: Sabriye Betül Geldi and İskender Özcan

8.TEAM: The Effect of Reduction of Water Resources on Hydraulic Power Plants

Mentor Teachers: Buse Demircin and Özkan Yetkin

Results of the Project

In conclusion, awareness was created about global climate change. It took part in the April activities of our “Goal 14: Life Under Water” project, which is one of the sustainable development goals. Messages were given to prevent pollution in the seas and oceans, cartoons and memes were made to attract the attention of young people. In addition, using the STEM approach, they gained awareness of the negative effects of global climate change on water resources on the world.

Also, according to the survey results; With this project, students, parents and teachers; It has been determined that their attitudes and behaviors towards water consumption change positively. In addition, it has been observed that they warn people to use water consciously and prefer products that consume less water.

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  1. My teacher Fatma; I congratulate you on your wonderful work. You have become a leader for us with your superb and collaborative work.
    The subject of our project and our team were great. The mixed country teams have done well on their subjects. We have all created environmental awareness about water. I congratulate all our teachers and students.

  2. I am the luckiest person in the world because I have known you. You are the founder of a great project and an excellent colleague. I congratulate you very much for your publication. Thanks to you, we have achieved great success and I wish this success to continue …

  3. It’s an awesome work dear friend, very inspiring and informative. Congrats on you for sharing such a great work with us.

  4. You and your team is wonderful.I love this project👏👏

  5. Great work , I congratulate you and your partners and your students on your wonderful work.

  6. A very impressive cooperation between 5 countries, where the support and motivation by the founders of the project, has been at the highest levels of a cooperation. Through this project, students not only learned but also established friendly relationships with each other. Congratulations everybody!

  7. Excellent work we have done. I am very proud of the collaboration, learning and awareness raising through joint activities. Water saves our lives and is our life, thank you for reminding us. You and your team is wonderful.I love this project👏👏 Congratulations everybody! 😊😊😍

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