My Water of Life

Our activity

Title: MY WATER OF LIFE – The Impact of Reduction of Water Resources on the Agriculture Sector

Goal: To study the sustainable ways of water consumption

Investigating water and its sustainable usage in an online classroom

We aimed to draw attention to the correct use of water resources. For this, we first shared our ideas with our partners in a meeting. Partners investigated the impact of the decrease in water resources on the agricultural sector.

Together with our students, we made posters and prepared virtual puzzles regarding this topic. All these studies were collected in the form of e-Books. In this way, we have spread the message of the importance of water for sustainable living.

5 thoughts on “My Water of Life

  1. Immihan teacher, I congratulate you and your team members, you are doing very successful work and inspire us, I wish you continued success.

  2. We are proud of our activities carried out together with colleagues and students from 5 countries different. Our team was very collaborative and the students, together with their teachers, not only exchanged valuable experiences and information, but also made friends with each other at a distance.
    Congratulations to the teams, and many successes in our future projects!

  3. Dear Immihan teacher, as the 5th Team in mixed school teams, you did very good activities for “The Impact of Reducing Water Resources on the Agriculture Sector”. I congratulate you and your teammate Anjeya and the 5th team students for their work.

  4. Great teamwork..I congratulate you for your successful work. It is nice to work with you on our project.

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