Reading Books And Knowing Professions Wıth STEM

Name of Activity: Getting to Know Professions with Stem
Date: 30/03 / 2020- 27/04/2021
Name-Surname: Fatma Esra Ataman
What Has Been Done?
In this activity , it is aimed to bring about a change and development in the reading culture by meeting professions such as an illustrator, a writer, a cook, an engineer by reading an effective book. has been designed and given the engineering achievements.
A story was read every week, product designs, digital studies, games, natural science activities were held in relation to the content of that story.
While doing all these applications, a study was carried out in accordance with the acquisitions in the curriculum.
Used materials and resources:
Recycling materials
web-2 tools
microsoft (word, power point, pain) programs
Target audience: 9 year old students
Students applied all these studies.
Pedagogical value of the activity is
Activity Theaimed at recognizing 21st century skills. Students both read books and began to develop their productivity, innovation, critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, technology literacy and communication skills.
Each month:
Digital studies according to the book read
Visual drawing based on the book read
Game by book read
Product design according to the book read
Parent-child activity according to the book read
Virtual travel-natural science according to the book read
Students take an active role in these activities every month under the guidance of their teachers.
Expected results:
-Book reading is more meaningful, more fun and more effective
-The story he reads in product development is a resource
-Breaking prejudices against a book that he had difficulty understanding
-Recognizing both occupations and reading

All the visuals belong and were provided by the Author – Attribution CC-BY
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