STEM with SCAMPER technique(Children’s Invention)

In this project, we integrated SCAMPER, which is a guided brainstorming technique, and STEM study, and applied the SCAMPER technique with our 7-stage students.

We used STEM activities to get their answers. We ensured that our preschool students meet with their families. The children answered the SCAMPER questions by making designs.

Children’s ideas are evaluated and their thinking is encouraged. The main feature of Scamper is to learn on a single object and brainstorm about that object by watching it. However, this brainstorm by following certain information. the object is modified, divided into parts, enhanced or combined with other objects. The student is asked questions to come up with ideas, and these questions allow them to think about aspects they do not think about, to develop their creativity and thinking. The technique of the SCAMER is extremely easy to do. Show an object during execution and that object is modified and improved by asking the object. Questions are asked about this object. Children give answers through sound, pictures or modeling. The purpose of his stage is different. The object is modified by modification. Questions are asked so that the object can be combined and developed with something else. Change-shrink-change-physical properties are changed and questions are asked. Another use The child is asked to use this object for a different purpose. It is aimed to make it different. Reverse arrangement, again the child is asked to think differently about this object. We discussed 3 objects in our project. Car, umbrella and shoes

Project goals are as follows;

* Releasing children as future researchers and innovators, and even encouraging them continuously,

* To ensure that children spend quality time with their families,

* Encouraging children to make inventions with their families in accordance with their age levels with brainstorming,

* To develop research and inquiry skills,

* To raise individuals who can learn on their own and are open to exploration,

* To develop students’ skills to act individually and with team spirit when necessary, to be willing to take responsibility,

* Developing a sense of self-confidence in students,

* To be able to raise productive individuals.

* To experience the feeling of success.

* Learning with experiments to provide permanence in learning.

We asked our students the following questions and got their answers

S: Substitude;

Where else can you drive your Tier 1 Car outside of the game?

What can we use to replace the 1st stage umbrella with the mentimeter tool?

What used to be used instead of shoes?

C: Combine;

What can we add to the umbrella so that it does not fly in the wind?

What can we add to the car to prevent traffic accidents?

What if we combine the shoes with what will we go faster?

A: Adapt;

How can we make shoes into two different products?

How can we use an umbrella without a handle?

What can we add to the toy car to get it working?

M: Modify, Minify, Magnify 

What if all the umbrellas were colored red?

What would happen if the shoe could not move anywhere?

If a slow car spoke, what would it say to the speeding car?

P: Put to other uses

Can we use one part of the shoe for something else?

How would you design a car that animals can drive?

Why do we use the umbrella other than rain?

E: Eliminate ;

What would you do to make sure that an umbrella with a hole is waterproof?

If you took off a part of the shoe, which part would you take off, why, what would you replace?

What part of the car do we remove it will continue to work?

R: Reverse, Rearrange 

If you designed the shoe, what kind of shoe would you design?

How would you design an umbrella that three people can use at the same time?

Design a flying car, draw?

The Child Invention project appeals to schools, teachers, students and even parents. In our project that we completed in distance education, we managed to reach our children more easily by getting the support of our parents in the best way.

Project founders;İpek ÖZEK and Birgül ATALAR









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