Navigating through information in digital age

Today, the importance of digital literacy has increased with the development of technology. Therefore, it is necessary to protect our next generation students from information pollution and misleading news. We divided our students into four groups at DIGI TV. The first group worked figured out positive and negative information about the news. The second group was an announcer and gave information about safe Internet use. The third group made a presentation about cyber and peer bullying. The last group gave information about conscious digital citizenship. As a result, they learned how to keep up with the digital age with the TV they made.

How did it start?

Our Digital STEM project aims to increase the interest of our students in the fields of science, technology, mathematics and engineering. Apart from this, it is aimed to train students who can think creatively, solve problems and have 21st-century skills by integrating STEM disciplines with each other. In our project, Ayşe attended the safe Internet lesson given in her school. In this lesson, they learned that not every information they heard on every television was correct and that they had to investigate. She decided to tell this information to her brother through play. Upon this, she became a news presenter by making a television.

   Our goals

With this project, we aimed at raising awareness about digital literacy among our students. In addition, they were explained how they can access secure information and the importance of secure Internet. We aimed to help our students gaining 21st-century skills and problem-solving skills. We wanted to enhance analytical thinking through coding. Moreover, we aimed at fostering creativity through design. Finally, we wanted to provide our studnets with necessary tools for daily living. Also, making object control movements (which was part of our activities) aided the development of hand-eye coordination.                                                                                                                              


By entering the class with Ayşe’s story, students were asked whether every news we hear or see on TV are true. The importance of correct information was discussed. While doing this, the importance of using safe Internet was emphasized. Information about digital literacy was given. The students were asked to design a television and do this with their home materials. They were asked to give either true or false information on the television they made.


Interdisciplinary cooperation

Students learnt the importance of secure information, digital literacy, and secure Internet in science. They comprehended the relationship between the two while explaining the length and area measure in the Mathematic lesson. Researched studies in the field of technology. They designed and processed television in the field of engineering. It also developed vocabulary and improved students understanding of the meaning of what they listen to and watch.


The designs of the students and what they have learned in the process were evaluated. They also learnt through interdisciplinary collaboration in terms of language development as well as science, mathematics, technology and engineering. The importance of safe information and secure internet was explained in the context of these. Digital literacy awareness was fostered among the students.


Author: Nurcan Mandal Scientix Ambassador I take part in the Digital STEM eTwinning project. I make designs about STEM.

More information: https://digitalstem2021.blogspot.com/

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