How Do Things Fly Against Gravity?

  • Abstract
Paper planes

Within the scope of Airbus Foundation Discovery SpaceAerospace in Classroom“, we discussed the topic of “The Importance of Gravity and Aviation” with our students at our school with an education that includes models and simulators, and to raise aviation awareness. We examined gravity-defying birds, planes, and helicopters, discovered vehicles that fly against gravity. After examining the flight mechanisms, we designed our own flying objects.

Aim of the lesson / Learning Objectives

Students understand that the gravitational pull between the Earth and the sun and the moon is very important, that it is almost impossible for us to live without gravity. They research birds, planes, and helicopters that snow on gravity and understand how they fly.

Results of the lesson

Students who understand the importance of gravity and discover how planes fly, make and fly their planes with materials in their homes.


We all feel the force of gravity. This force is the reason we fall to the ground when we jump up. In fact, this force is the gravitational pull.

Zoom Cloud Meeting Lesson Screen Shot
Word Cloud with Slido

What would have happened to us if gravity has disappeared for a day?

We ask them “What would have happened to us if gravity had disappeared for a day?”
They form the word cloud with their answers. Students discuss the information between them.

If it wasn’t for gravity

What would have happened if it wasn’t for gravity? This video explains everything to us.

Gravitational Pull

We did some experiments with the students on gravitational pull. You can also go to this site and do fun experiments.

Phet Lab- Gravity and Orbits

  • 2. DAY WORK

Word Cloud

We talked about things that can stand in the air or fly against gravity.

Word Cloud with Slido

How do planes fly against gravity?

Why birds are made flying?

First we observed how a bird flies to understand this. They fly beautifully, don’t they?

How can planes fly?

We wondered how planes fly. It’s really amazing that he’s flying against gravity.

  • 3. DAY WORK

Our Air Objects We Designed

After we talked to the students about these planes and their flights, all the students designed and flew their own planes. – Our Work’s video

Our Learning Scenario is here below.

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