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Lego models

Our work on the project “Space Is Our Future” continues. We have already launched a paper rocket, a helicopter, simulated the movement of the rocket, created 3D models. And what else would be interesting and informative to learn about space exploration? And here Ivan Savchynskyi came to my aid. The student is in the seventh grade. His hobby is Lego design. This has been his hobby since childhood. But now it has grown into the creation of animation.

It all started in July 2019. Then Ivan’s first cartoon appeared. Then the collection began to replenish. A YouTube channel has appeared. It’s called “amigos production” because “amigos” means “friends” in Spanish, and Ivan makes all the cartoons for his friends. The hobby is supported by the family. Mum, dad, younger brother help with the sound. The next stage of work was to create a site and organize movies by category. The site also contains tips for those who want to design films.

The subject of films has a fairly wide range. This is about a police patrol at sea and on land, about gold diggers, fantastic stories, environmental issues, diseases of civilization, firefighters, builders…

Especially for the project “Space Is Our Future” Ivan released a new series of films. He also invited us to his design studio. We saw how much patience this job requires. It was very exciting to see how the figures come to life, how the work in the city of LEGO is in full swing, how new ideas and scenarios are being implemented.

Ivan told his classmates about the process of creating animation.

        Stages of project implementation.

  1. Write a script. Each animated film, even a mini-cartoon, requires a script.
  2. Preparation of characters. If we want to make a LEGO-cartoon, we will select the necessary figures from the LEGO constructor.
  3. Perform frame-by-frame animation. Now you need to take a series of photos where the characters will change positions according to the plot. For each simple movement of the characters you need to make at least 2-3 frames.
  4. Install a program for creating cartoons. Add a photo and create a video series.
  5. We impose a sound.
  6. Save the finished cartoon – site about Lego design – channel with cartoons

All visuals belong to the Author – Attribution CC-BY

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