by Fatma Boztepe

This is Fatma Boztepe, I am a teacher of Turkish Language and Literature; I am one of the CAD-MATH project partners.

This project includes computer aided drawings of many different objects and devices designed by students.

With this project our aim was to improve our students’ coding skills and to nurture their creativity. Students can easily use applications such as Tinkercad, Autodesk 123, Robocompass and Geogebra. We prepared an environment for students to develop different perspectives, express themselves, and also tried to improve their aesthetic senses; they designed a bridge, a solar powered car, a robot, a cup, a picture frame and a chess set. In addition, we encouraged them to learn about famous mathematicians and their contributions to science. With problem solutions, we ensured the group to stay on the subject and be active. We created an environment for students to work in a democratic structure where they could vote on what they want to design. They also had the chance to establish relationships between various mathematical concepts, processes (numerical, symbolic, geometric / graphical, etc.), and develop positive approaches such as cooperation and solidarity.

We have done a lot of work on this project, but I especially wanted to share the Chess Design that we did in November.

In this task, Chess pieces to be prepared were determined among the partners in the group. Then, I informed my students on the uses of Tinkercad. I wanted my students to do research on chess pieces. We held discussions on both Zoom and in Whatsapp groups.

To help design the chess pieces, I created a joint Tinkercad class and gathered my students in the classroom. I had them design separately first. They jointly selected the most ambitious design. We created our chess board and pieces by combining them with the other pieces in the group.

We believe that by using these methods we can help our students make the connection between the theoretical side of STEM subjects, which consists more than 95% of their curriculum, with the practical and creative sides.

This is our project page which you can see all works for this task.


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