Climate Action-Water İn All Aspects

Sustainable Development Goals

How did we start?

We started our The Silent Scream Of Water eTwinning project on 3 October 2020, which started with the participation of 19 teachers and 137 students from 6 different countries.

Project Logo

What is the purpose of our project?

      Approximately 1.3 billion people in the world do not have enough drinking water and 2.3 billion people crave for healthy water. Some estimates suggest that by 2025, over 3 billion people will face water scarcity. The future of water is adversely affected by the increasing population in economic processes, climate change and the rapid increase in consumption. Conscious use of water is only possible by knowing the concepts such as water footprint and water literacy. For this reason, our project was created to raise awareness of secondary school students on conscious water use. In our project, it is aimed to raise individuals who are responsible for the solution of social problems, who can think creatively and analytically, who can produce solutions that differ based on cooperation, and who adopt the principle of lifelong learning with sustainable environmental awareness. absorbed social and technological developments and their relationship with the environment.

What are the main themes of our events?

The main theme of our activity is to know all aspects of water, which is the basis of life, and to draw attention to sustainable development goals.

The student teams formed will have fun and internalize the water and drought by playing web2 tools, online meetings and games.

With our activities, students;

  • Saying about water from the past to the present,
  • Constitutional regulations on water,
  • Our water footprint and how we can reduce it,
  • The mathematical ratio of water in our world,
  • Drought,
  • How water resources were used in the past, water history,
  • Water purification methods,
  • They will learn about water in all aspects and in a collaborative work by working on innovative designs for water recovery.

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