Climate Action-Water İn All Aspects

Establıshment Of Mıxed School Teams

During the activities of our project, we established 5 “Mixed School Teams” with students from different countries. Each team is headed by moderator teachers and guides the teams.

Students in the teams we have formed came together and collaborated with the etwinning portal and the zoom live link tool. They discussed topics to prepare in chat rooms, agreed with group leaders, used many different Web 2 tools and collaborated.

Each group decided democratically what they wanted to investigate. each group prepared their chosen topic with a different web 2 tool.

Mixed Country Team List

3rd Mixed Country Team Works

The Silent Scream of Water The eTwinning project Our mission as 3rd mixed country teams was to work on climate action, the 13th sustainable development goal.

Our team includes students from Turkey, Poland, Latvia and Portugal. For this purpose, under the leadership of our mentor teachers, students from different countries came together with Zoom connection and discussed what we can do. First we discussed what the climate action movement is and why it is needed. We decided together what we can do to raise awareness about this movement in society.

3rd Our mixed country team meeting

What have we done for the Climate Action movement?

We wanted our activities to be based on informing the participants by having fun. Due to the pandemic process we are experiencing, we have ensured our activities by using online environments. In cooperation, we prepared an e-book, a slide show on the subject, experiments to raise awareness about the subject and an e-magazine, and we prepared our works using web2 tools. We did research on the subject. They learned what climate action is and how to do it. They looked at many newspaper reports, interviews, and research. We reviewed the Sustainable Development statement prepared by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Organized activities in online environments to spread the climate action movement and with the aim of teachers. We decided to prepare an e-book to create with a fun story, an e-slide to learn more detailed information, the realization of more permanent learning through experimentation of the natural disasters tried to be prevented by the climate action movement, and finally an e-magazine where we introduce all our activities.

Our Events

Prepared our e-book book with the storyjumper web2 tool. In our book, we’ve covered it in a magnificent way to make climate action more specific. The book deals with the climatic problems experienced in the world 30 years later and the problems related to the less conscious use of water. Our superheroes step in to solve the problems.

Our e-book

Another problem that climate action is trying to solve is increasing nature disasters. For this purpose, we simulated natural disasters with experiments. We videotaped our experiments and posted them on our youtube channel.

To give more detailed information about climate action, we have prepared an interactive slide with the thinglink web2 tool. Here, we both gave information about climate action and included the steps taken all over the world.

Our Slide

In order to popularize all your work, we prepared a magazine with the canva web 2 tool. In our magazine, we talked about the sustainable development movement, climate action, climate change causes, solutions and results, as well as our work.

Our magazine

We would like to thank the eTwinning portal for bringing us together so that we can do our work, the Silent Scream of Water project for their contribution, and our 3rd mixed country team students and advisors who worked collaboratively in preparing our events.

Utilized resources

What are sustainable development?

Sustainable development is the principle of organizing to achieve human development goals while maintaining the ability to provide natural resources and ecosystem services on which natural systems, economy and society depend. The desired result is a social situation in which living conditions and resources are used to continue to meet human needs without undermining the integrity and stability of the natural system. Sustainable development can be defined as a development that meets today’s needs without compromising the competencies of future generations.