These are interactive projects that students enjoy doing. With our partners in the e-twinning project called ISLANDS; we aimed to use a proposal from Nigel Meager’s book “Creativity and Culture: Art Projects for Primary Schools”. To do this, we organized online meetings throughout the year to use the cultural characteristics of society as a bond that gives context to arts and crafts activities using STEM Art.

In this paragraph, I will discuss the steps of our project. First of all, in the ISLANDS project, our students created imaginary islands. In addition, our students, who worked individually online, created project logos and posters. Second, the students designed the map, flag, and the money of their islands. In conclusion, they formed three-dimensional products of history, touristic geographical features, news from their islands, festivals, styles, and dishes.

Ages: 5-9

Duration: 8 months

Lesson Hours: 1 Lesson hour every week


During the project, we had different goals.

First of all, the students defined the features of the fictitious islands verbally and written using STEM Art. They explained their personal ideas, actions, and situations using visual language. On the other hand, they created enjoyable plastic products as a result of the creative process. And, they used bibliographic resources, media, and the internet to plan and organize creative processes by expressing through art in interpersonal relationships.

Finally, they imagined, drew, and worked with different materials, resources, and techniques.


Firstly, the students defined their community in terms of their currency, flag, map etc.

Secondly, the students determined the criteria that make up the society.

In addition, they displayed their ideas of a society on their islands using STEM Art.

Our students showed that they care for nature in their project products by using recycled materials.

In conclusion, the students obtained information about what kind of characteristics should be possessed.

In that way, it can be a society, and they can see the needs should be met to help society survive. They create their products using digital tools and applications. They share their projects with partners.


Project Owner: Suzan Özdemir, Artuklu, Türkiye, Anafartalar İlkokulu

Project Owner:José Ignacio Maide Merino, Salamanca, İspanya, Colegio Santísima Trinidad

Aslı Kıyak: Kartal, Türkiye, Öğretmen Salih Nafiz Tüzün İlkokulu

Gözde DEMİRELLİ, Margrit YEŞİLTEPE, Tansu ÖZVEREN Beşiktaş, Türkiye, İstek Özel Atanur Oğuz Okulları

Mehtap Gülsüm Özbey, Artuklu, Türkiye, Anafartalar İlkokulu

Meryem Hamurci, Hendek, Türkiye, Nuriye İlkokulu

Özge Savuncu, Artuklu, Türkiye, Anafartalar İlkokulu

Özlem Necla Kibar, Çınarcık, Türkiye, Çınarcık Füruzan Kınal İlkokulu

Seçil Bağrıaçık. Pendik, Türkiye, Minik Tayfalar Anaokulu

All visuals belong to the Author – Attribution CC-BY

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