Virtual EscapeRoom and Jeopardy game during SDC 2021

It is always funny and enjoyable to check your knowledge in Science in the form of game. But is better to learn more about your career possibilities in the same way. During SDC 2021 in Vilnius Alexander Pushkin Gymnasium in Vilnius, Lithuania. 9th and 11th form students have played special educational games.


9th form students have participated in virtual EscapeRoom activity. The students were divided into groups of 4-5 people. Each team must receive 6 text documents. Five documents were protected by passwords. In order to open the next document, you need to complete the tasks. Each completed task not only gave the opportunity to go to the next “room”, but also get points for correct answers. All participants successfully completed the tasks, and the fastest were determined as the winners of the competition. Students not only learned more in biology, but also have developed their digital, leadership and communication skills.


Grade 11 students took part in the Jeopardy quiz, in which they not only deepened their knowledge in Science. They also got acquainted with modern STEAM professions. All questions and presentation about STEAM careers were prepared using career materials from STE(A)M IT project resources.

All visuals belong to the Author – Attribution CC-BY