Fashion Show 2021 for Sustainable Life

In recent years, pollution,threatening the environment have been accepted as global problems. With the awareness of the dangers that threaten the environment,countries have assumed responsibilities regarding the environment.To raise awareness of our students about environmental pollution, chemical waste, climate changes, recycling and to participate in sustainable life,the students design their own clothes for Fashion Show from waste materials to create awareness on reuse reduce and recycle .

What are the environmental problems in the world, why we should protect our environment, what should we do to make world a better place? To achieve this, relevant information can be found on the European Commission web page:
This way, students confront topics of environmental problems and solutions.
1. Doing a preliminary study on students’ knowledge using a quiz platform such as Kahoot
2. Watch the movie ‘’2040’’


3. Share additional information on topics of Reuse,Reduce,Recycle issues:

Reasons Why Studying Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

After being introduced to the topics, students browse freely on the internet to further understand the role of 3 R’s to learn about pollution . An open discussion with the teacher will address students’ doubts and will correct possible inaccuracies.

Discussion and Brainstorming

Writing down the most relevant information about 3R’S: what, how, why, what issues they address, discuss the kind of problems and the possible solutions.Students will arrange a campaign at school and announced the other students to bring waste materials.They make big containers to collect waste materials.These materials separated into categories as plastics,glasses,batteries and papers.

Making Connections

Students will talk about waste materials.From there, design thinking and creativity are the skills they improved in this LS. A Padlet can be created prior to this topic to understand how much students already know about the 3 R’s, and if they have ever thought about it. A suggested question could be “What will we use to make new clothes from waste materials and what will we do with the waste materials?’’


Debrief with students on what was addressed in class, nudging them towards a reflection on interdisciplinary and integration of sustainability/green thinking in STEM. Students can be asked questions such as:
➢What can we do with plastics, glasses and papers?


Students will be divided into small groups, and they will have to devise a solution to the given problem . They can use mindmeister to have brainstorming. They will watch videos to create solutions.
What will we design from papers?


Making shirts out of recycled water plastics ?


How can we make new t-shirts with waste materials?



Each group of students presents the project to the class in a Mock-Presentation to Stakeholders. This can be done in different formats, including PowerPoint, Prezi, but also with a digital/physical model and can include even more creative ways to display it.After the presentation, it would be good to follow up with a Q&A session. Students will then receive feedback on their presentation.


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