SDGs STEM fair: Mapping presentation and Makey makey games ” SDGs in a pizza box”

The aim of this activity is to disseminate an Erasmus+ project ” SDGs Action!” to the school community and local institutions by using STEM . The project main goal is to educate the next generations of students to function sustainably in our interconnected world using technology as a mean of sustainability . In the “SDGs Action !” several digital games have been created about SDGs: 17 Scratch games (one per SDG), Makey Makey games ” SDGs in a pizza box”, interactive online games” Visible actions for invisible waste” EWWR’20 board game .

Working cooperatively students have learnt to value each other, the world around them and their contributions to their community and the planet. Six schools from six European countries( France, Finland, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Catalonia-Spain) have been working together to achieve the project goals. The project is close to the finish line and students are busy preparing the SDGs STEM fair in the Town Hall square in May for the whole school community and the local institutions.

An exhibition of the ” SDGs in a pizza box” made with Makey Makey will be shown by the pupils to their families and the school community and even local institutions will be able to play with them. Finally, the great challenge! Students will present the SDGs Action! project on the walls of the Town Council by ” Mapping”.

During the school year, students worked in small teams , some where the technos, others researchers, others photographers, others hand makers. They used empty pizza boxes to prepare the Makey makey games, with all the makey makey material required ( board, wires, laptop). to prepare the Mapping session they used Scratch and the images from the project. An expert came to our school to guide us, teachers and students about Mapping work.

The pedagogical value of this activity is very relevant as students become the real protagonists of their teaching and learning process.The values of teamwork and cooperation increased highly. They improved their digital skills and creativity by designing the games at the same time that they enhanced the key skills as they become more autonomous and also good helpers of their classmates.

IIt is a great experience for teachers and students as we experienced new ways of learning and teaching. Teachers became guides and all participants learnt from each other working collaboratively in a very motivated environment.

SDGs Mapping
SDGs in a pizza box , makey makey game
Learning Scratch
Working on mapping

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