Extension Learning to Social Life Events!

World Water Day Activity

Edited by: Mujahed A. Al Tamimi

Modern approaches of education seek to reach innovative learning insight of the current phase of technological revolution. Education policies denotes the term “Education for life” in integrated template with the term “STEM” which is structured around preparing the children at facing the challenges of living as a human being. Many times someone will try to discuss a topic from different points of view, but all they’re really doing is hammering on their own position. I find that basically we have many technological tools that enable us to relate to life and enable pupils to have the profession to invest their learning in solving problems and be able to find creative solutions. 

Students knowledge about lack of water even rivers in their country is so limited What makes STEM very needed and necessary to satisfy the integration of science subjects in social life events such Water Day celebration as educational activity.

An activity plane was wrote in February 2021 to clarify both of teacher‘s and student ‘s roles and explain in details the steps of implement the activity. The plane is entitled : “Water Day Celebration”.

Schools are closed because of Covid-19 virus spread and education confined to online classes. In this activity students used padlet to share their knowledge about rivers inside /outside of Jordan. Two padlet links used: 

  • Join two online events:

    Water poverty and water conflicts in the region(April,5 2021),

            Water challenges between reality and solutions(April, 7 2021)

Finally, All these activities we had to put them together at the conference dedicated to STEM Discovery Campaign 2021. A way out, a solution to carry on this campaign was to organise it online on April,28 2021.

As a result, this challenge was a great experience for both teachers and students. Students were very pleasure to geographical games, to share their ideas, emotions and to encourage each other. These kinds of Map Maker Interactive activities assure the good development of students: visual exploration and interact with our interconnected social and physical Earth systems.

All visuals belong to the Author – Attribution CC-BY