Innovative Approaches in Education and DIY Workshops

Our project includes all schools in Afyonkarahisar Province. Children between the ages of 6-14 have priority. We established do-it-yourself workshops to develop children’s algorithmic thinking, robotic coding and design skills. In this workshop, we did coding, robotics, schracht, ardunio, drama integrated stem activities in our April events.
In our study for the STEM discovery week 2021 competition, we conducted teacher student and parent trainings. 173 students, 27 parents and 32 teachers took part in these trainings.

Teacher and parent training

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Why Do We Do STEM Studies with Innovative Approaches?

Production is required for development.. Technological developments should be adapted. people’s living conditions must be improved.
Our age is the age of communication.
One of the concepts today is 21st century skills. It is our aim that our students and teachers have 21st century skills.We also want them to follow the innovations in the world. We want students to be able to solve problems.


Interdisciplinary Relations

The disciplines involved in our project;

  1. STEM applications

  2. BIT,

  3. engineering,

  4. social disciplines

  5. maths,

  6. science,

  7. art,


Our goals in the work done with the project are as follows.

Our goals in the work done with the project are as follows.

  1. Developing students’ algorithmic thinking, robotic coding and design skills
  2. Improving the quality of teachers
  3. To gain and increase the ability to use technologies
  4. Learning to think
  5. Being sensitive to the problems in the world

Working Process

One of the topics is the circular economy model and Industry 4.0.
In order to raise awareness on this issue, we first provided the industry 4.0 cyclical economy model training to parents and teachers by experts for 5 days and 40 hours. In this training, we enabled them to design new projects with applied studies. We developed exemplary circular economy models.

DIY workshop

Students coded about the conversion and We organized a competition among students. Votes were made.Upcycling project was chosen.We included all students in this project. The product was created with robotic coding and engineering knowledge. The students worked in collaboration. The resulting product became the project mascot.

Student education

Pictures are by the author

We did it with a drama activity about upcycling.We provided students with the opportunity to express themselves.. In addition, we ensured that they gain new perspectives by taking their opinions about being sensitive to problems and investing in the future.

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In the project, the awareness of student teachers and parents about upcycling increased.
We developed new applied projects on recycling
students’ coding skills increased.
students worked collaboration.
The problem-solving skills of the students increased.
Awareness on environmental awareness has increased.
Their creative imagination and self-confidence increased in drama activities.
Language skills increased.
Their ability to use technology has increased.

About the Author: Nursefa Keskin Afyonkarahisar Provincial Directorate of National Education R&D Unit

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  1. I really liked your activity. We also plan to do STEM activities for our students and teachers. Your activity is inspiring.

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