As the Earth’s climate warms, the polar ice caps continue to thaw. Human activities have enormous impact on the climate. Especially in the Arctic, these effects are seen more rapidly and in 2040, we will see summer season without ice in the Arctic.The disappearance of glaciers can have deadly consequences for the creatures that live, breed and hunt at the poles. This is a serious problem for all people. Both, rising sea levels and melting glaciers, will cause serious problems in coastal cities, as well as the change in components of the ocean, such as food chains will be turned upside down.

With our TEENS ON POLE eTwinning Project, we drew attention to the change in climate and poles and we investigated its effects on the earth’s atmosphere and living ecosystem. Thus, we tried to explain the work that needs to be done for the threatened future, which is our common concern, showing why it is necessary to protect the environment, with the new concept of sustainability.

TEENS ON POLE is an international eTwinning project. The aim of our project is to investigate the impact of changes in the poles on the entire living ecosystem and the world. Additionally, our goal is to leave a liveable world for new generations, develop environmentally sensitive curricula, and get new environmental ideas with sustainable development education. Instilling this awareness and raising conscious individuals who respect nature, also means investing in the future.

It is possible to raise environmentally sensitive individuals by enabling them to interact with environmental problems at the right time and in the right way. Our main goal has been to encourage students to develop curious, creative, responsible and independent ideas while ensuring that students are at the center of the learning process. School teams and mixed country teams were formed in the project, enabling students to participate in different activities to explore climate change and its effects on the poles in different dimensions. All studies were carried out on the basis of inquiry and project and in connection with the objectives.Our project was carried out jointly with schools in Turkey, Albania, Spain, Portugal and Romania. 11 schools and 16 teachers took part in the project, in which 150 students aged 16-19 participated. A total of 5 mixed international country teams worked to draw attention to the effects of climate change in our polar research project. Mixed-country teams studied the effects of global warming on agriculture, wildlife, forest and vegetation, and melting glaciers. Developed solutions for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life. In line with these suggestions, joint and collaborative studies were carried out by using innovative educational technologies. All these events took place between September and December of 2021. Below are the topics that mixed country teams work with their students in the presence of mentor teachers.

In order to increase awareness, posters that draw attention to the subject were prepared. Here are some of them:

We have also arranged and carried out several activities, you can find some of them below:

1) We watched documentaries about melting glaciers and its consequences.

2) Students contribute to recycling by making eco-friendly paper bags.

3) They carried out awareness studies on ways to reduce global warming.

4) Participated in the European Climate Change Pact with their works.

5) By sponsoring the Deception Island penguins, together we have helped spread the commitment to protect the environment so we can make planet Earth a cleaner, healthier and more balanced place with nature.

6) We interviewed academics traveling to the poles.

7) We have prepared an e-book from the news about the polar regions from the past to the present.

8) We participated in the Sustainable Development Education Webinars to raise awareness about the environment and for a sustainable Environment.

 “Spring Campaign 2022: Education for Sustainable Development – Make Environment Great Again”

Finally, the issue of global climate change was addressed by conducting teamwork between countries, a joint STEM study with students and teachers, as well as by carrying out different activities with students. Additionally, 3D animations were made to increase awareness. By raising awareness about the poles, our students were able to gain a sense of responsibility towards their environment by recognizing their individual characteristics with our project. In this way, they developed problem-solving skills by researching their environment. At the end of our project, they tried to show why it is necessary to protect the environment with a new concept of sustainability, which is our common concern, as well as the work that needs to be done for the threatened future.


  1. Thanks for everything teacher Gonca,our partners and all students 🙏💙

  2. Global warming and climate change are the biggest threats to life on earth. Human beings cannot be expected to remain insensitive to this danger.For this reason, in our project, we have adopted the principle of leaving a livable world to future generations, with the aim of drawing attention to urgently taking preventive measures against climate change in the poles and around the world.
    As a member of this project, I think that we have created awareness for our students to be respectful, sensitive and conscious towards nature.
    Thanks to all my friends and founders who contributed to the creation of such a beautiful project.

  3. İt was great to take part in this project.
    Thanks to all my friends and Gonca who contributed to the creation of such a beautiful project.

  4. Thanks to our project, it was very nice to work productively on global warming and the destruction it causes in the poles. I believe we have created awareness together. Thanks to all our project partners and stakeholders.

  5. t was a great project where we explained world problems with the help of web2 tools. We got a lot of information about places we can’t go or not. We tried to let people know what we learned. My students and I were very happy to take part in this project.

  6. The effects of climate change will completely disrupt ecosystems and habitats around the globe, which is why understanding the problem can save us.
    Education is a powerful weapon in the fight against climate change.
    It was a pleasure to be part of the team! Thank you Gonca! Thank you all!

  7. We worked,learned,shared and enjoyed a lot.I want to thank the founders and partners for this great journey.

  8. Participating in this project was very meaningful to me. After a previous experience, it was a double pleasure to be part of this group. I like environmental projects because they can be very well combined with the subject of biology, a subject which I have been teaching for 15 years. I wish success to the partners and hope for other projects in the future

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