Game Based Education in Teaching Factors Affecting Shadow Dimension

It is possible to show the full shadow with experiments. However, the game-based learning method is more effective in order for the learning to be permanent and to ensure that the students learn while having fun. Students are at the 5th grade level.  This method is suitable for the age of the students. With this method, the students show the shadow of the puppets they have prepared on the screen and tell their plays as a story. They observe that the shadow length changes as its position relative to its source changes.


To teach in which situations the shadow size grows and in which situations it decreases, to enable students to learn by having fun, to increase students’ motivation.

Age of students:

10-11 years old


4 lesson hours


  • Puppets prepared by students to observe their shadow with the materials at home
  • Curtain and  light source


First of all, in order to learn the basic information about the subject, it would be appropriate to show the situations that change the size of the full shadow by experiment. Then, I asked the students to prepare a shadow play in order to learn the subject permanently and I gave the necessary information for this. The light source and curtain from the materials required for the shadow play are available in our laboratory. The students made a puppet that they wanted to look at and brought it to the class. They also had preparations for the storytelling they would do during the play.

Each of the students who came ready for the lesson before starting their own play, both drew attention to their play and said ‘Welcome to My Shadow Play’ to their friends, accompanied by a short musical accompaniment. After the applause of his friends, he shared the story he created with his puppet and shadow. At the same time, he added to his story in which situations the shadow length changes.

The students shared the following information about the shadow length:

• When the puppet (object) approaches the screen, the shadow size gets smaller.

• The shadow length becomes larger as the puppet (object) approaches the light source.


It is important to evaluate the process. We used the following scale for this.

 IntermediateGoodVery  Good
information is correct   
Presentation  is remarkable   
The subject has given the relevant information as much as necessary.   
It made learning fun.   


This method was both fun and motivating for the students. It made the information permanent. It enabled the students to develop creativity, entrepreneurship and communication skills, which are among the skills of the 21st century.