STEM refers to a process where we produce solutions to daily life problems beyond interdisciplinary work in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Therefore, it is our most important responsibility to be with our students when they face the problems of daily life.

Our most important problem today is that our colleagues and children in Ukraine are being persecuted before the eyes of the world.

As the STEM Applications With ADDIE Project team, we asked our students a daily life problem. They told us about the invasion of Ukraine. When we asked what kind of a solution we could come up with, they said that we could build a bridge that would save them and support them.

Based on this great idea, we built bridges of love, peace, and friendship from our countries to Ukraine with the participation of many European countries.

With an international and intercultural perspective, our students experience both the happiness of working with each other and the pride of producing solutions to problems.

Analyzing the problem and producing alternative solutions in problem-solving processes is the most important skill to be taught today.

With this activity, our students did not only do a STEM activity but also a peace movement. It was very important to be able to write peace to their small hearts and big ideas with such a job.

Our project not only developed a training program but also carried out important studies in STEM discovery week activities by producing solutions to problems in cooperation. We just wanted to share the bridge of friendship with you.

Wishing for a world where friendship and peace prevail…


  1. Hello Iam Arwa AbuAsad acomputer teacher from Jordan , iam very glad to work with STEM with ADDIE project. It was amazing experience my students like it

  2. The children participated in the activity with all their empathy and sensitivity. They saw children who came alone to Romania, fleeing from a war that steals their childhood and some, even their lives. We are one of the partners of the project, Secondary School No. 11, Oradea, Romania

  3. Students enjoyed building bridges for peace. It was a very good activity for their science and social competences.

  4. Gayet güzel bir çalışma oldu. Bu projede yer almaktan büyük mutluluk duydum.

  5. çok güzel bir çalışma oldu. Öğrencilerim ve ben büyük keyif aldık.

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