Alternative method to animal experiments


  1. Polydoros Stavropoulos, (SV1AHH), Athens Greece, Teacher Mechanic engineering, MSc STEM in education.
  2. Vasileios Koutoufaris, (SV1PMJ) Athens Greece, Computing Teacher, MSc STEM in education.

“The whole structure of animal experimentation has been based on the contradiction: ‘Ask scientists why they experiment on animals, and the answer is: because animals are like us.’ Ask them why it is morally right to experiment on animals, and the answer is: because animals are not like us. ”

  1. “Natural human disease studies, sophisticated human cell analyzes, and advanced computer modeling techniques are often less costly, more efficient, and much more humane,” says Christopher Fassbender, an ecotoxicologist who works as a scientific consultant for the PETA animals.
  • According to the US National Institutes of Health, in 10 years (’97 -’07) more than 58,000 drug and vaccine trials had been conducted in developing countries. Most took place in India and China, followed by Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Peru, Colombia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malawi and Uganda.
  • Research shows that 92% of drugs tested on animals are discarded in clinical trials in humans. In some cases, in fact, the use of animals in experiments has proved completely ineffective. In a 2001 study of 65 products, it was found that only 45% of the results of experiments on rabbits corresponded to the reactions of the human body.

Is there an alternative method to animal experiments?

 Three Rs Learning Scenario.  It is a STEM scenario. At first, my digital STEM scenario will have 5 phases:

Phase 1: Orienting & Asking Questions, Testing students’ pre-perceptions

Phase 2: Hypothesis Generation & Design

Phase 3: Planning & Investigation, Investigation – Data – Data Analysis

Phase 4: Analysis and Interpretation: Gather result from data

Phase 5: Conclusion & Evaluation

Also the Criteria that correspond to the specific digital learning scenario are:

a) Learning Objects b) Learning activities c) Learning Environment.

We have uploaded the LS to the Google Drive, in English language, the form is as the teblate predict:

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