Scientix Workshops @ Anatolia College Science and Technology Conference

With the aim of promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STE (A) M), Anatolia College organizes for the eighth year the Student Science & Technology Conference – ACSTAC (Anatolia College Science and Technology Annual Conference) on the premises of Anatolia College from Saturday, April 9 to Sunday, April 10, 2022.

ACSTAC invites students of all grades of High School and Lyceum in Greece and abroad to develop research, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills, presenting their work as real researchers in a student scientific conference. Through this process, students apply the principles of exploratory learning, seek information, explore solutions and build innovative products. In addition, they cultivate 21st century skills, such as collaboration, efficient use of technology, communication, personal and social responsibility, and career guidance.

The 8th ACSTAC was co-organised by Scientix Ambassador Iro Koliakou. EELLAK , Greek national contact point of Scientix, supported the conference by organizing  three workshops, aiming to promote STEM and Scietix in Greece. 

Iraklis Varlamis: Associate Professor in Data Management at Harokopio University, Department of Informatics and Telematics and member of the Board of EELLAK with responsibility in Open Data and Christos Chronis: PhD Candidate in the Department of Informatics and Telematics of Harokopio University organized a Robbotics workshop, presenting an educational robot, equipped with a set of sensors, their basic control through predefined but configurable Blockly blocks and several educational scenarios that cover different levels of education, from kindergarten to high school.

Christos Iosifidis: graduate of Agr. Surveyor Mech. NTUA. and external partner in the National Network of Technology and Research Infrastructures GRNET in the department of Digital Governance organized an online workshop about Open Data and especially data of the science of geoinformatics. The openstreetmap website, its use as a map and the possibilities of adding and / or modifying it through the accompanying iD software was also presented. 

Polatoglou Chariton: Professor of the Physics Department of the Aristotle University and Sitsanlis Elias, Physicist organized the workshop “From Earth to Mars”. In this workshop students had the opportunity to examine using an inquiry based method and appropriate simulations the possible orbits of a body within the gravitational field of a body of much larger mass, how we can move from one orbit to another, the Hofmann transition, the stages and the optimization of travel from Earth to Mars. 

The 9th ACSTAC will be held 10-12 March 2023