Magnetic Spacecraft

Our Happy Kids With STEM project aims to increase our students’ interest in science, technology, mathematics and engineering. Apart from this, it is aimed to train students who can think creatively, solve problems and have 21st century skills by integrating STEM disciplines with each other. In our project, Anna discovered a new planet in space. that’s why she wants to send a reconnaissance vehicle to the planet. However, due to the fuel problem, this vehicle has to move without fuel. With a dream she saw, she solved this problem with a magnet. So she invented the magnetic car.

Our Goals

  With this project, we aim to equip our students with 21st century skills. In particular, it is aimed to gain problem-solving skills through project-based learning. Creative thinking is aimed with learning by design. It is aimed to make new designs by using the tools necessary for their imagination and daily life skills. In addition, it is to help the development of hand-eye coordination by making movements that require object control. It aimed to raise awareness about sustainable energy and zero waste. Thus, increasing sensitivity to the framework is among our goals.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Students learn about magnetic energy, repulsion and pull of forces in the field of science. While learning the layers of the atmosphere, he also learns about the clouds. In addition to the concept of time in mathematics, he also learns to measure length. Technology system researches are provided. In engineering, he designs and makes cars that work with magnets. It also develops their vocabulary.


Students’ designs and learning throughout the process are evaluated. They also learn through interdisciplinary collaboration in terms of language development as well as science, mathematics, technology and engineering. With these, it is emphasized that magnetic energy is sustainable energy. It is emphasized that it leaves zero waste.

By Nurcan MANDAL

Scientix Ambassadors

16 thoughts on “Magnetic Spacecraft

  1. This activity explains that students can use other energies in the tools we use in our daily life.
    Great work!Thank you Nurcan Mandal

  2. Tebrik ediyorum. Güzel fikir, güzel çalışma. Başarılarınız daim olsun.

  3. This activity helped the students to develop the skills specific to the 21st century and to become aware of environmental issues. The project was designed to develop the students’ abilities.Students learned through collaboration and learning through design.An interesting activity for students and very useful.

  4. Öğrencilerimizi ve rehberlik yapan öğretmenlerimizi tebrik ediyorum. Genç mühendisler yolunuz açık olsun

  5. Wonderful experience! My students also learned a lot from this activity! ☺️

  6. Congrats, dear Nurcan Mandal, this is an excellent work.

  7. It has been a very great and inclusive project. Our students have improve their technological skills and enjoyed building magnetic cars with their hands.

  8. Dear Nurcan, I congratulate you for your successful and beneficial project for students, the environment and people.

  9. Congratulations. It was very nice work. Congratulations Nurcan Mandal

  10. Children immediately understood the phenomenon of magnetism, carrying out this fun activity

  11. Our students in our project learned magnetic energy by experiencing and applying magnetic energy with our Magnetic spacecraft activity. Thanks to magnetic energy, they discovered sustainable energy sources with zero waste.

  12. I am very happy to be involved in this great project. My students learned a lot and had a great time. The magnetic spaceship delighted the children, other activities were also very interesting. Great ideas. Project objectives achieved. Learning STEM is great!

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