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Avatar       DATE:  10/1/2022 to 30/3/2022        CREATOR:   Stavrina k.

AS the 21st century requires communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking skills, the STEAM interdisciplinary approach is also an ideal choice for pre-school education in the apprenticeship. Learners are required to learn the art of pre-school pedagogy with both her theoretical background as well as the practical part that is inextricably linked to creativity, teamwork and of course the communication with the toddlers who will teach but also between colleagues.I believe it’s a way of training that will enhance the skills of young educators and will enrich their professional quiver with modern tools and methods of pedagogy, according to the needs of the new era.

In this STEAM activity named as HORIZONS ROBO MUPPET IN OLYMPIC RALLY GAME, it was implemented Collaborative discovery method to experiment in unplugged activities of making puppet and scenes with natural materials and then work together to explore programming in digital environments to implement the design of improvised creations that will enhance educator’s creative imagination and their cognitive level.

DIY puppet theatre with natural materials
DIY puppet theatre with natural materials
puppet show from cardboard boxes

The purpose of this scenario is to make learners experiment with Thematic (Creation and Expression) through theatrical play by performing activities that combine hands-on puppet creations for puppetry with natural materials and microbit-arduino & scratch programming, which will give the puppets movement and expression, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the imagination and improvisation of learners in digital environments while at the same time giving life to their creations in a modern way.

MATERIALS NATURAL : pulp & tempera and fabrics,puppet decorations, embossed paper for the ralista cape. White illustration papers and black tape were used for the route .
ELECTRONICS FOR VEHICLE 🚗: 2 DC motors Or Arduino uno board 1 dual motor driver module L 298N Battery 9v + 4 battery 1.5 v 1 Battery case 2 infrared sensors. Um Jumper wires 1 on / off switch 1 adapter for Arduino 9 V Jack Battery accessory jack 5.5 Y 2.1 mm Ο VEHICLE FRAME: Chassis, 2 wheels, 1 rotating wheel, screws, distillers.
ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS: MICROBIT board. 1 servo micro FS 90MG Jumper wires 1 breadboard breakout for BBC microbit 1 mobile adapter from AC to DC.
SENSORS & ACTIVATORS An infrared sensor is used to detect a black line to ”read” the rally track mounted on a white background with black tape to create a track for the car to move.
ALTERNATIVE STORY WITH SCRATCH : use a scratch environment to create an alternative script to the original created for the show by exchanging heroes with different characteristics from the originals between the groups.

The way has been used to make teams involved online were been able to  "bring to life" their artifacts expressively with the microbit platform, the groups were used the scratch environment to design emotional changes in their hero and were  able to described changes in their scripting compare to first one was presented in the puppet show before. An alternative script with new emotional characteristic was born with scratch made of team members creativity.  
The pedagogical value of this activity is reflected in the goals set and in the skills and behavioral attitudes in the teams that emerge from the collaborative work. The benefits are multiple for teachers and students, this is definitely the result of the process.

Every student can learn just not on the same day or in the same way. ART help everybody to learn in anyway.

This activity was evaluated as an educational topic for in-service training of teachers in the long term of one year. Based on this, I believe that other teachers could use the same or similar methods that will enhance both student's expression and digital skills. that are longer required. A challenge and a choice for an innovative idea 💡 implementation are enough.Choice is yours!

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Hello to everyone, it was a surprise to me to be a part of this amazing opportunity with other educators and researchers for innovation throught STEAM activities.I'm a Greek educator and this school year i've been occupied in secondary special vocational training school with creative and curious teenagers about S.T.E.AM new educational perspective. Friends said that i 'm a Greek female curious innovative mind so i believed that i have to research my abilities with learning new teach strategies and discovery innovations ideas about teaching in general , wanting to help in that way new generations being curious too with life around the world looking throught STEAM educational discovery vision. The discovery journey has just begun !