A Human Network That Shares Its Knowledge To Better Understand the Internet

“A Human Network That Shares Its Knowledge to Better Understand the Internet” is an eTwinning project which was conducted with partnership of Turkey and France. In this project two teachers worked as co-founder; Dr. Işıl GÜLMEZ from Turkey and technology teacher Jean Philippe VIALA from France.

A Human Network That Shares Its Knowledge to Better Understand the Internet eTwinning project

The aim of the project was to enable students to comprehend computer networks. The project also proposed to teach students web 2.0 technologies through games and animations they created using Scratch. Partners generated images to illustrate the Internet network as part of the project’s scope. They created animations related to Internet networks as well. This project had several stages for making tasks clear for partners. Stages are as follows:

Stage 1

Firstly we tried to create a design to compare a human network and a computer network in a symmetrical way. Our students were divided into teams. We started by introducing the teams with the design of a team-building slogan. To do this, each team designed a word cloud with the slogan of each other team.

Secondly partners chose a network topology for building networks. Next they designed a different word cloud in which they wrote the first names of team members. They used a background image that matches network topology they chose. Afterwards each student in teams made a presentation of themselves using Scratch tool.

In addition, teams attempted to build an animation that included a conversation in order to learn phrases related to a network device or network language. They did this by using Scratch to design characters. One of the characters asked questions about the network the other responded.

Stage 3

Finally, each team designed an evaluation using Scratch application in which each teams suggested one or two questions on the topic. Finally we conducted post-survey to get opinions of partners about the project. The results showed that partners liked the project. Besides the results showed that the project motivated students to learn more about the subject. In conclusion we can summarise that our project reached its purpose.