Solutions with STEM for People with Disabilities

Together with our students, we conducted research on the needs of disabled people living around us during the STEM discovery week. Our students came to the conclusion that our immediate environment and the tools produced should be reorganized by taking into account the needs of people with disabilities. They began to look for solutions to this problem. They concluded that in the long term, a wide range of developments are needed, from the restructuring of all production processes to the reconstruction of cities. In the short term, they put forward the idea that daily life can be made much more comfortable for disabled individuals with the help of technological tools. They produced 3D models, robotic studies using sensors and microcontrollers, and computer programs for people with disabilities. For example, they carried out activities such as walking sticks for the disabled, vocal education programs for the visually impaired, and education programs for the hearing impaired, all supported with subtitles.