1 S.T.E.A.M 100 IDEA

1 S.T.E.A.M 100 IDEA project was aimed to raise students who can bring together science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics disciplines holistically, ask questions, produce solutions with creative thinking, and turn solutions into products.

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I mentored the teachers involved in this eTwinning project on STEM topics and guided them to turn their stories into problems and integrate their activities into engineering design processes.

Online STEM Technology Integration Training for teachers
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A total of 13 teachers and 239 students, 9 from Turkey, 2 from Romania, 1 from Azerbaijan and 1 from Greece, work together on our project. Throughout the project, four different themes were determined, namely rocket, skeleton, sound, telescope and insect. First, a story book was read for each theme and the problem situation was determined.

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In each theme, the partner teachers were divided into different groups and plans were prepared for the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Art, math, technology and science activity plans were implemented simultaneously in the classrooms. The engineering plan and student worksheet were sent to the homes and worked in cooperation with the families.

STEM Etwinning Project created by teachers participating in the training

The resulting products were exhibited at the school, contributing to the dissemination of the project.

Activities related to the insect theme, which is one of our themes

The story book named ‘Whose Home’ was read.

The problem situation has been determined.

Science, technology, art, mathematics and engineering plans were prepared by mixed country teams formed by teachers and uploaded to the system.

Aşama fen, teknoloji, matematik ve sanat etkinlik planları projeye ortak olan öğretmenler tarafından eş zamanlı olarak sınıflarda uygulandı.

Engineering plan and student handouts were sent to families. The families were asked to find a solution by discussing the problem situation with their children and the products were sent to the school. The insect hotels built were placed in the garden of the school.

Our education portal Didepo https://denizliarge.meb.gov.tr/didepo/index.php

As a result of these online trainings, 13 teachers started eTwinning projects and held stem events. In addition, the teachers who participated in the trainings produced 34 STEM activities in total. These produced contents are published on our education portal.