Animals that are our friends

Students will learn about the use of animals in science. They will realize what alternatives are there to animals in science. They will learn about what 3R means. While doing research, students question why animals are used in experiments and what alternatives can be used. Students will conduct collaborative research on the real-life animal welfare problem. They will be asked to present their results in the classroom setting.

Videos related to the subject will be watched.

Watching videos about animals used in experiments

Alternatives that can be used in the laboratory other than animals

“LATTE goes home” book is read

Alternatives to animal use

3R explainer videos

The purpose of our project:

To raise awareness about the use of animals in science in my students.

To show that there are alternatives to animals in science.

Teaching what 3R means

Teaching methods used:

  • STEM
  • Student-centered learning,
  • Collaborative learning,
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Mobile learning

On the padlet, they will be asked to write their thoughts about the use of animals in science and alternatives that can be used instead. They will also be asked to see themselves as experimental animals and prepare a drama about how they feel.

21st century skills of critical thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity while exploring the use of animals in science will win.

The project will be carried out with students aged 11-12.

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