SCIENCE IN EVERYTHING AND FOR EVERYONE by Bárbara de Aymerich Vadillo (Spain Scientix Ambassador)

At every corner a new opportunity awaits us to discover something unusual, something incredible.

Science appears at the most opportune moment to speak in our ears and tell us how wonderful the world around us is.

To feel that call we must be attentive, turn on our curiosity, look at the world with the eyes of a child, with the heart of one who continues to be amazed with each sunset, with each butterfly, with each star.

Teaching science, telling science to those who want to listen to you, is one of the most exciting ways to continue feeling this call.

During this campaign, I have had the opportunity to explore new resources, new paths to reach my students sooner, to become a researcher teacher, a teacher who is amazed by their side, who shares the sparkle in their eyes, who delves into the why of things, that gets excited about them.

I have felt how each age, each member of the family, approached science in a different way, from their own perspective, their own interests.

I have experienced how science is capable of reaching every corner of us, every pore, every impulse of knowledge, wherever we come from, whoever we are, whatever our dreams.

I have inquired, I have investigated, I have experimented, I have known that science belongs to everyone, it is for everyone, it is in everyone.

Thank you, Science, for making each one better.

Performed activities:

  • Biodiversity Marathon (February 28): Educational walk to the surroundings of Mount Edilla (Espinosa de los Monteros) to quantify the biodiversity of the area, through applications such as ObsMapp from
  • Family Science Workshop (March 12): Simple scientific experiences to share with the family at the Science and Technology Station.
  • Nature of Science Workshop (April 5): Introduction to NOS through dynamics proposed by the Lederman couple from the University of Illinois.
  • Home Experiments Workshop (April 19): Approach to various simple scientific phenomena explained with everyday materials at the San Juan Public Library.
  • “Science Saturdays” gathering (April 23): Excursion to the Science and Technology Station (Burgos) to learn to investigate and make engineering designs. In the afternoon, guided visit to the Museum of Human Evolution and workshop on the Neolithic.
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About Bárbara de Aymerich

Licenciada en Ciencia y Tecnología de los Alimentos, Graduada en Química, Doctora en Ciencias en la especialidad de Edafología y Química Agrícola, Experta Universitaria en Educación STEAM con Programación y Robótica Educativa por la Universidad de Burgos. Directora de la Escuela de Pequeñ@s Científic@s Espiciencia y del Bosque Escuela de Verano Ráspano, proyectos de innovación educativa rural, merecedores de reconocimientos a nivel regional, nacional e internacional. Profesora Asociada de Didáctica de las Ciencias Experimentales en la Facultad de Educación y en la Universidad de la Experiencia. Scientix Ambassador. Mentora en proyectos de empoderamiento de la niña y la mujer en la ciencia como Innovactoras, Technovation Challenge o STEM Talent Girl. Global Teacher Award 2020.

4 thoughts on “SCIENCE IN EVERYTHING AND FOR EVERYONE by Bárbara de Aymerich Vadillo (Spain Scientix Ambassador)

  1. Barbara, you are a crack. Your professionalism and good work are admirable. You have made Espinosa de los Monteros a national reference in science. As an admirable and generous professional, since you always share all your achievements.

  2. As long as children are surprised discovering STEM in any corner and a teacher accompanies them, we have a future. Phenomenal.

  3. That’s so true, Bárbara! “Science belongs to everyone, it is for everyone, it is in everyone”.
    Wonderful and diverse activities that you tell us about and share with us, which I am sure your “espicientíficos” and their families enjoyed.
    Congratulations and thank you very much, dear Bárbara.

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