Water, float or sink

by Ana Bakic, March 22nd to March 25th, based on the Scientix Repository resource “Sink or float”.

Although children aged 2-5 are still young, this is the right time to practice the power of observation and prediction, and experiments and STEM activities encourage this. At this age, children acquire the first knowledge of science and technology and should be provided with it as much as possible, because they truly enjoy discovering new things.

Accompanied, the children saw and tried:

  • how to purify polluted water and how groundwater is formed and flows through the ground;
  • which objects flow/sink;
  • how an object’s mass influences its floatability;
  • how water influences an object’s floatability;
  • how liquid density influences floatability;
  • how to build a submarine;

The materials we used:

  • objects (spoon, coins, plastic blocks, paper clips, key, etc.)
  • mandarins
  • pebbles
  • water containers
  • clay
  • tubes
  • stick, rope

Through this weekly activity, the children saw the laws of governing physics. They evaluated, tested and assumed. All this contributed to collaboration and exploration through play.

This STEM resources are also very good and useful to organize for online learning and share with other kids.