About Adriana Laze

I am a Math teacher and a Scientix Ambassador for my country, Albania. It is a pleasure , but not only being a Scientix Ambassador , because I consider a responsibility it. So I have opened on Facebook the Scientix Albania page , and always share Scientix materials and notifications for other Albanian teachers.

From Classroom to Google Classroom

Author: Adriana Laze

Being a teacher is not a challenge. It is a multiple challenge.

This is what I have understood during the last years being a part of eTwinning, Scientix and a lot of other European projects.

I am Adriana Laze, a Math teacher from Albania, a Scientix & eTwinning Ambassador.

On 9 March we were notified by Albanian Ministry of Education about closing schools for two weeks. Firstly, as a lot of Albanian teachers, I didn’t know what challenges were waiting for us in future.

My concern lasted only one day. On 11 March, after consulting with European and American teachers in our Facebook group TED Alumni 2020, I had their suggestions on using Classroom Screen and Screencast-O-Matic for creating video learning material for my students. It wasn’t easy. It was my first time. Even though I had a lot of experience in creating tutorial videos for Albanian teachers, knew how to enter and use the eTwinning platform, Powtoon, this was really not easy for me. But this was not the only difficulty.

I needed to shift to, WhatsApp messages, virtual classes, virtual face-to-face communication. After again consulting with my colleagues from Europe and the United States, I decided to explore Google Classroom and Zoom. It was not easy but also not too difficult for me. Very soon I created my virtual classes, organised first metings in Zoom and made a video tutorial video for Albanian teachers. In the video tutorial, I talked about how to combine these two online platforms because the face-to-face communication between students and their teachers is very important.

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Telling my simple experience during the SDW 2019

Hello. My name is Adriana Laze, Math teacher for about 26 years, a Scientix and eTwinning Ambassador. I live and work in Tirane, Albania.

Last years, being present and active in European projects such as Scientix and eTwinning, had been one of the biggest pleasures of my life.

I had the idea to write on this blog to give my simple experience and to say that if a teacher wants to work with his students, there is no obstacle for him/her and the students.

Our school Shaban Sheshori is located in a rural area on the top of a hill, very close to an old Castle named “Preza Castle“. Preza is a place with a very old history, cultural heritage, education and trade. Our school was very old and so during this school year we had difficulties to use the computers because of the reconstruction of the school. But this wasn’t a reason that we couldn’t join the STEM Discovery Week 2019.

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My contribution to the 1st Albanian Scientix Conference

Do you know ?

On 28 April 2018 we, the Albanian Scientix Ambassadors, carried out the first Albanian Scientix Conference. Was it easy? I am sure that while you are reading, you answer “of course not”. But we did it. This is the most important thing that we should remember in the future, more than the difficulties we had to face in order to achieve it.

I am so happy that I could contribute to this conference. In relation to this, my  activity during this conference consisted of two parts: a presentation of the Scientix portal, during which I could tell and show something about the STEM  activity with my students, and also a workshop during which I talked about online events happening on the Scientix portal.

In relation to my first activity, “Scientix portal presentation”, I first showed  teachers how to create an account on the Scientix portal, then I showed all the 9  sections of the portal, with all options inside each section. At the end of my presentation, I showed some pictures of our STEM activity at our school. During  my presentation I invited Albanian teachers to be part of this portal, following its pages on Facebook and Twitter by highlighting that; “Being a digital teacher may be your choice, but being a 21st century teacher is not your choice but a stubborn fact and you cannot do anything to change it”.

During my second activity, I trained teachers how to be part of online events, such as webinars, Moodle courses, how to attend a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and advised them to register on the MOOC “Opening minds to STEM careers”. For this, I invited and taught them how to create an account on the European Schoolnet Academy platform.

After the conference, I have seen many Albanian teachers that attended the Conference, frequently in the Facebook group “Science Teachers in Europe” so I think we did a good job, really we did, and I am happy that I had the possibility  to contribute to this conference. With this conference, we have contributed to increasing the quality of teaching in our education system. This is an important  fact.