Online meeting “STEM: Science, Technology, ENGLISH and Math”

Author: Aleksej Per┼żu

Due to the current situation of a global health crisis, teachers are faced with new challenges of how to successfully operate and navigate with distance learning.

Video presentation project at Vilnius Alexander Pushkin gymnasium was initiated by English teacher G. Kuzborskaja and biology teacher A. Perzhu, to help students develop their English skills within the framework of biology and IT academic disciplines, as well as to build their confidence beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

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Let’s create a board game!

Author: Aleksej Perzu

During this school year our school with partners from aboard have joined together the eTwinning project “Welcome on Board”. During this project students have created a lot of different educational board games that can be used during lessons. The end of the project have been planned for STEM Discovery Campaign period to honor integration of different subjects.

In Vilnius Alexandr Pushkin Gymnasium students have worked hardly for several months to prepare their educational board games for biology subject. During last week of February (from 24th to 28th) students have presented their games for classmates. We planned to organize the conference during Science week in March to present these awesome games for school community but COVID-19 pandemia have changed our plans. The final results of the work are presented in project eBook in school webpage and in projects’ TwinSpace.

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Workshop “BIG Adventure in Africa”

It is always interesting to travel to different places around the globe: exotic lands, nature, animals and plants. Of course, it could not happen during lessons in a way we want it. So we decided to make another kind of adventure and organised a special workshop about nature in Africa.

7th grade students during two academic hours had to create a big map of Africa and mark on this map the most iconic geographical places. How to know which place is “iconic”? It was really simple for them. Just google it or ask the teacher (but they preferred Google).

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Competition “Put together the Solar System”

There is no better way to learn and play together. During STEM Discovery Week we organized the competition for 5th grade students. Four classes (totally about 100 students) in teams of 3 or 4 had to assemble the Solar System puzzle. Three fastest team were awarded with special delicious and healthy prizes – fruits.

Before the competition, 6th grade students organized a short introduction about Solar system planets and Sun. It was a great opportunity for students to share their knowledge with younger colleagues.

We are sharing with you some moments from this competition:


Sustainable Development Activities during the STEM Discovery Week

Sustainable Development Goals is a very important topic in the last few years. During this school year, our school team is coordinating and participating in the eTwinning project about SDG education in school. During the STEM Discovery Week, we organized several activities for different students to teach about sustainable development and show the importance of these goals. But the most important thing is how students can help in reaching these goals.

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