A Moon Odyssey

by teacher Alina Marilena Buduleanu

During a magic week, between the 15th and the 19th of April, 27 students from Școala Gimnazială Nr. 29 Galați, Romania, imagined themselves as the first space colonists. Through 7 activities aimed on learning by doing, the 7 years old children explored, discovered, mapped, built and experimented how it would be if they would have to live on the Moon surface.

To make the learning process easier, I used and adapted to my class age level the educational resources provided by www.esa.int – teach with space, classroom resources (Moon shelter, Bionic hand, Astrofarmer, Moon rover).

Activity 1 – Mapping the Moon

The students explored the satellite photos of the Moon and mapped the Moon surface to find a suitable place to land and a proper place to build a camp. Recently, the space explorers brought evidence that there is ice water on the Moon. The kids looked up for the specific craters where an important quantity of ice water should be found and located them on the lunar South Pole.

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