STEM PROJECT Water Quality and Preservation

STEM WEEK 2019- resources for learning

This is an eTwinning project that finally had a product that we are using for teaching in the class since it was awarded with the prizes.

prof. Thierry Salaün, France
Prof. Alina Popa Mirela,Liceul tehnologic de Industrie Alimentară G.E.Palade, Satu Mare, România , Category: pupils age 16-19
Every year we are celebrating the Water day. This year 2019 we were participating to a technical visit to a Treatment Plant and also to a photo competition with this theme.

Pedagogical Innovation and Creativity
Part A. The project is based on chemical analysis for pure and wasted water. Students did the experiment on water and explained them showing their results. After both teams did the work they compare the results showed on reports and presented on power-points posted on eTwinning site. We have used the lab equipment we have in school. For some analysis we needed to collaborate with other institutes.

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