About Bisogni Anna Rita

Hi, I am Anna Rita Bisogni, an italian teacher of the Kindergarten from this year arrived at primary school, for many years have been coding referent and digital and didactic innovation team. I can proudly say that I'm part of the European DoIt project DOIT - Entrepreneurial skills for young social innovators in an open digital world Which received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 770063 I deal with digital teaching and technology, but I explore the entire STEAM universe loving tinkering and making that I bring to school together with my suitcase of wonders. During these years I have taken a path that is far from obvious.. I have undertaken for years different ways, classical high school, master's degree, jurisprudence, law, financial and insurance firms.... but each of them allowed me to be who I am, to think my way, and to do the things that I do. I pay at a very high price however in my work, I am always last in the rankings of my school, because I have a few years of service and few specific titles compared to my colleagues, every year I risk going away.. who knows where, in which remote mountain, or how many kilometers away from home, but so that this road is the right one ... The school gave me special gifts, it gave me so many different and fantastic colleagues that I observe with admiration for all their skills, has given me many opportunities for personal and professional growth and opportunities to express my creativity, gave me joy and fun, and gave me the affection of the children, and that really super everything! I am very strongly attached to the importance of introducing the steAm into schools from kindergarten, allow children to experiment, even through tinkering, to allow them to practice the skills of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and increase the sense of self-confidence. Children in such contexts find solutions independently, build their knowledge, are the authors of their learning, have fun! https://maestrastem.altervista.org/

The adventures of Pinocchio and the SteAm

Pinocchio and the SteAm


Can a story help children to reflect on their own behaviors and create more empathic attitudes? Can the manipulative activities of tinkering and making help children increase concentration, critical thinking and improve classroom behavior?

A story to reflect, laugh and create!

Students Age

7 YEARS OLD, attending the second primary school( Convitto Nazionale Gaetano Filangieri Vibo valentia)

Teacher: Bisogni Anna Rita

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