About asuakitici

I graduated from Ondokuzmay─▒s Science Education Faculty, I am working at Emirli secondary school in Samsun Kavak district. I am a representative of Scientix, a member of the Etwinning platform and I am involved in projects there.


Aim of the project: it is wrong to consider recycled products such as paper, glass and plastic as garbage, the extent of the environmental pollution it creates has reached even greater dimensions every day.In this context, we asked our students to push the limits of their imagination about how to evaluate the waste resulting from use and every object we find from nature, and we aimed to reveal products with aesthetic characteristics.Thus, in addition to showing that art can be done anywhere and under any conditions, students can develop design skills.

Recycling is an important approach and, in fact, a good initiative to make our world a more livable, healthy and sustainable place. Along with recycling ideas and examples discovered using waste materials, large-scale recycling projects and recycling examples continue to increase and develop; they transform our lives and change our world. In addition, the approach to creating projects from waste materials is of great importance in terms of protecting natural resources.

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