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T, R, I, Z Russian words; Teoriya Resheniya Izobretatelskikh Zadatch consists of initials. TRIZ approach is defined as “Intuitive Problem Solving Theory” or “Invention Based Problem Solving Theory” or “Creative Problem Solving Theory” in English


Genrich Altshuller, the founder of the TRIZ theory, was born in Russia in 1926. He made his first discovery at the age of 14. Later he studied Mechanical Engineering. When the basic start-up in TRIZ began in 1946, he served as a patent officer in the Soviet Navy and was responsible for patenting inventions. During this duty, by learning the patenting processes; How original are patents? How to get to the patent stage? How was the problem that led to patents resolved, how was the problem that led to patents resolved? brought a systematic massage to his questions. The most important feature of the TRIZ approach is solving the main problem based on the solved problems.

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