Ayşe Usluer Gül works as a primary school teacher at Edirne Şehit Nefize Çetin Özsoy Science and Art Center. She is still continuing her education in the field of Integrated Gifted Non-Thesis Master's Degree. Her students diagnosed as gifted and are 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders. Ayşe regards herself as an innovative teacher. She is interested in coding, maths, STEM approaches. Her main interests are creativity, innovation and entrepreurship


During the distant education on pandemic days, our students have been usually passive in front of the screen. Ensuring their “active participation” in the lesson has been the main goal of our AKUZE (Active Participation Distance Education) project. Our project has aimed at achieving one of the outcomes of Social Studies, namely, ‘Developing ideas for designing unique products based on the needs of the environment.’ In this sense, our students have been encouraged to find creative solutions to their daily life problems, and they have been asked to shoot a commercial for marketing their designs as an entrepreneur. The project has been planned gradually so that the students could take an active role in the project. The first phase has been about preparation, the second phase has been about implementation and presentation, the last phase has been about developing a project song and a game for the project by collaborating with other partner schools. AKUZE project has been prepared and implemented for primary school students and has included a structure that can be easily integrated into the secondary school technology design course. With this project, a project-based and an interdisciplinary approach have been integrated through collaborative studies.

The implementation of the phases are as in the following:

The picture is the author’s own- (Attribution CC-BY)
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