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I live in Karaman from TURKEY. I am a science teacher at the Karaman Science and Arts Center. Antalya. Akdeniz University, I graduated from science teacher in 2013. I continue my master's degree in Science and Technology at Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University Science Faculty.

Climate Action-Water İn All Aspects

Sustainable Development Goals

How did we start?

We started our The Silent Scream Of Water eTwinning project on 3 October 2020, which started with the participation of 19 teachers and 137 students from 6 different countries.

Project Logo

What is the purpose of our project?

      Approximately 1.3 billion people in the world do not have enough drinking water and 2.3 billion people crave for healthy water. Some estimates suggest that by 2025, over 3 billion people will face water scarcity. The future of water is adversely affected by the increasing population in economic processes, climate change and the rapid increase in consumption. Conscious use of water is only possible by knowing the concepts such as water footprint and water literacy. For this reason, our project was created to raise awareness of secondary school students on conscious water use. In our project, it is aimed to raise individuals who are responsible for the solution of social problems, who can think creatively and analytically, who can produce solutions that differ based on cooperation, and who adopt the principle of lifelong learning with sustainable environmental awareness. absorbed social and technological developments and their relationship with the environment.
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MaSTEM-Food Problems Solution

Author: Ayşe KARABACAK

How did we start?

We started our ASTRO-STEM eTwinning project with the participation of 24 teachers and 183 students from 8 different countries, on 29 August 2019.

What is the purpose of our project? Our goal is to increase students’ awareness of having accurate information about astronomy and space sciences. Thus, they will have democratic learning environments where they can express themselves comfortably. As a result, they will have fun and explore the information in depth. Studying astronomers, astronomy history, constellations and mythological stories, they will learn many topics such as the stories of our galaxy, STEM studies of the depths of the universe, and how to use telescopes and keep an astronomy diary. They will also acquire 21st-century skills.

Establishment of mixed school teams

We established 12 “Mixed School Teams” with students from different countries during the activities of our project. Each team has 2 moderator teachers that guide the teams.

The students in the teams we created came together and collaborated using the eTwinning portal. They had conversations in the chat rooms. Because they decided on the topics they prepared, the group leaders used many different Web 2 tools and collaborated.

Our teamwork examples

Let’s give some examples of these activities. With the “2020 Sky Events Yearbooks” event, they created a common calendar of the 2020 sky event. So they had a calendar of their own.

Which World After Years …….?” Astronauts, who went to space for Astro-mining at the event, studied the scenes they encountered with global target titles, created consecutive stories and audio stories, a common book. Thus, the study was also effective for the visually impaired.

In the “COVID-19 Public Spot” event, they revived the rules to be taken in the fight against Covid-19 with the web tool Renderforest. Because we were in a pandemic situation, this event was very effective.


Our last mixed teamwork was the MARS ADVENTURE WITH STEM / MA-STEM project. While doing our activity for ASTRO-STEM eTwinning project, we decided to participate in the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign.

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