About ayselozturk

Hello, I am Aysel OZTURK. I am a primary school teacher at Enez Cumhuriyet Primary School in Edirne. At STEM Discovery Week, we worked on food saving and food recycling.


Hi! I’m a primary school teacher at Edirne-Enez Cumhuriyet Primary School. In the 2019 STEM Discovery Week, we did the following:

We designed 4 materials aiming to draw attention and leave a mark on the field of recycling food. We designed “Rain Collecting Purifier” to transform rainwater to drinkable water, “From Fruit Rinds to Fertilizer” to save rotten, uneaten fruit or fruit skins, “Recycled Animal Food” to prevent stale bread to become trash and provide food for street animals and also “Banana Miracle Cream” to make use of banana skins and to use the beneficial parts of the banana.

For our project, we used various sources such as Science Coursebook of 4th graders, www.tubitak.gov.tr and www.eba.gov.tr. The information that our coursebook provides, such as there is a waste of 5 million kilos of bread in Turkey, is one of the things that has inspired us to start this project.

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